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Johanne is a Danish psychologist trained in behavioral methods and the co-founder of It's Complicated. She completed her education as a psychologist at the University of Copenhagen in 2013, with a master's degree and experience within the fields of narrative therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT).

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Last Updated on October 13, 2023 by It’s Complicated

One of the most fascinating aspects of being a therapist is witnessing the resilience of my clients as they use storytelling to navigate difficult experiences. They construct narratives that give meaning to their struggles and connect with others who share similar journeys.

Stories hold immense power because they remind us that we are not alone in this world. They serve as a reminder that our challenges are shared by others, fostering a sense of unity and hope. That’s also why I started writing these posts when I dedicated myself more fully to It’s Complicated, knowing that the journey would entail obstacles that I’d need to weave together into an arc that made sense.

Currently, I’m trying to give meaning to some taxing experiences, including anxiety and resistance: My own planetary anxiety means I worry about what kind of world my kids will inherit. And this in turn fuels my resistance to the capitalist imperative to grow at the expense of our planet and collective well-being. Finally, this resistance, which has resulted in our steadfast commitment to sustainability and social consciousness, is met with skepticism. A psychologist driven by purpose above all and a founders team motivated to build a profitable business doesn’t translate into an impetus of relentless growth.

I’ve now hesitated writing this post for more than a week because my mood doesn’t gel well with the celebratory vibe of LinkedIn, where professionals predominantly share their triumphs and actionable insights. My sentiment simply isn’t of success or agency. It’s one of concern. Every time I look at my lawn, I’m reminded of the dire state of our environment. The grass, already dry and yellow from drought, tells a simple truth: Earth’s resources are finite, unable to sustain infinite economic expansion. Perhaps being met by skepticism, when we insist on building our business from the bottom up, putting our therapists first, and deeply caring for the therapy that happens through our platform, should be seen as a compliment, a recognition that we are diverging from the unsustainable norm.

So on this Sunday, my dreams have revolved around a transformation in our economic thinking and paradigms. I want us to think in alternative frameworks that prioritize sustainability, social well-being, and ecological resilience. I want these ideals to permeate every aspect of business, even within the bubble of entrepreneurship. And I so badly want the world to embrace the notion that compassionate and mindful practices of growth, like the ones we engage in when tending to a garden, hold the most value, enabling us to build a future where prosperity coexists harmoniously with the planet and the well-being of all.

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Here are my kids gazing at a lake, blissfully unaware of the urgent environmental issues awaiting them 👭🌏💓

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