Reading Time: 2 minutes A couple weeks ago, to close off Mental Health Awareness Month, Johanne Schwensen one of the Co-founders and the Chief Clinical Officer of It’s Complicated gave a talk to various teams that we work with through our Employee Assitance Program. The topic was inspired by Dr. Russ Harris’ book The Happiness Trap, which presents a fresh approach to finding fulfillment in life by challenging traditional notions of happiness and offering practical strategies to overcome psychological struggles.

Reading Time: 12 minutes Working as a therapist can be just as complicated as it can be rewarding. For starters, when dealing with another human, many factors are impossible to predict and control. Add to the mix that many clients don’t know what exactly they’re looking for, and might not know how to even conceptualize the problem at hand. Therapy is hard work!

Reading Time: 9 minutes

When I moved to Berlin, everything that happened to me seemed to happen by lucky chance. Unexpectedly, within a couple of months, I was my own boss, working as a counsellor in a private practice in Mitte. This is the story of how I went from sharing a counselling room to setting up a practice community and the project It’s Complicated.