It's Complicated

Ina Susanne Plettl

Coach, Psychotherapist (HPG)

Based in Berlin I work with individuals, (intercultural) couples and families using an interdisciplinary approach to meet your individual needs and help you in times of change or crisis.
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Über mich

Für Informationen auf Deutsch besuchen Sie gern meine Website: I am an alternative practitioner for psychotherapy (HPG) and certified as a systemic consultant and therapist by Systemische Gesellschaft, one of the two german systemic umbrella organizations. My interdisciplinary training also provided insights into Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Schema Therapy and Emotionally Focused Therapy. In addition, I am currently completing further training in “open dialogue” a finnish family counseling technique. My primary job is working in outpatient crisis support. I help patients with multiple psychiatric diagnoses stabilize and rediscover their resources. In doing so, I have learned to see crises as a unique opportunity for change and personal growth. I discovered my passion for coaching and psychotherapy after making fundamental changes in my own life. Today I am a mother of a daughter and look back on several years in France, a long lasting intercultural partnership and many years as a project manager in agencies and companies. I am also a member of the Systemic Society (SG), the German-speaking Society for Contextual Behavioral Sciences (DGKV) and the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science (ACBS)
ACT: Akzeptanz- und Commitment-Therapie
EFT: Emotionsfokussierte Therapie
Systemische Therapie

Mein Ansatz

Für Informationen auf Deutsch besuchen Sie gern meine Website: I work with an interdisciplinary approach that combines systemic methods with Schema Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Emotion Focused Therapy. It is my goal to offer you a safe space in which all your thoughts and emotions - whether light or dark, well organized or chaotic - are welcome. In my experience, it is often this accepting, human encounter that initiates important change. Coaching and counseling I am happy to provide support in professional reorientation and in taking new career steps, in dealing with pressure to perform, in overcoming insecurities in a professional context, in conflicts with superiors and colleagues, and in cases of mobbing. I am myself familiar with many of these difficulties, including the compatibility of work and family, through my many years of experience as a project manager in agencies and companies. Individual Therapy My fields of expertise include acute crisis intervention, the treatment of dysfunctional behavioral and emotional patterns, support with adjustment difficulties (e.g. after experiences of loss, separation, birth, ...) as well as the treatment of psychologically caused somatoform problems. Couples Therapy In couples therapy I work according to the Emotion Focused approach (Leslie Greenberg). By understanding which individual sensitivities and emotions stand behind the couple's conflicts, the couple learns to see each other again in a compassionate and loving way. Of course, seperated parents, who want to find a way to successfully co-parent are welcome. I am also particularly interested in intercultural couples. Family Therapy I usually work with families using the method of "open dialogue". In this method, all participants meet at eye level and bring their concerns to the table on an equal footing. To ensure that everyone is seen and heard, I like to work with a co-therapist whenever possible.

Wo ich arbeite

Qualifikationen und Erfahrungen

2022: Training in "Open Dialogue" 2022: Certification as a Systemic Therapist (SG) 2021: Certifications as a Systemic Conselor (SG) 2021: Certification as an alternative practitioner of psychotherapy (Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie, HPG)
2020-today: psychological counselor in crisis service (Pinel Netzwerk)
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  • 80 € / Sitzung
location iconVonBerlin
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Antwortet überlicherweise innerhalb eines Tages