Nina Uffelmann

Nina Uffelmann

M. Sc. Psychologist

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100 € / Sitzung

Nina Uffelmann

M. Sc. Psychologist in Gelnhausen

As an Online Psychologist based near Frankfurt am Main and in Northern Denmark, I work with Individuals facing transitions, challenges of an international life, parenthood and relationship problems.

Untere Röde 55 63571 Gelnhausen Untere Röde 55 63571 Gelnhausen

Über Nina

I'm a psychologist from Frankfurt, trained in Acceptance Commitment Therapy, the person-centred approach and couples therapy. I love lovestories! I always had a great interest in other peoples relationships, listening to what they were open to share with me and figuring out what works, and what not. As a keen surfer and mother of twins I have chosen to live in Northern Denmark at the moment. Therefore, I am familiar, both professionally and personally, with how major transitions such as becoming a parent or moving to another country can affect relationships and mental health. Feel free to visit my website to read about thriving relationships and mental health on my blog (at this time point in German only):

Mein Therapieansatz

Accept what you can not change, and act commited where you can and want to change your life.

According to this approach, certain behaviours take us towards the direction of how our life should be and others take us away from it. Together, we find out what and who matters to you, define steps in the right direction, and apply tools to learn to better deal with difficult thoughts and feelings. So that you will have the opportunity to unhook from those difficult thoughts and feelings and show those toward moves instead.

Working with me includes the willingness to be active between sessions. Usually you take something away from each session that you can integrate into your everyday life to enable changes in small steps.

Write me a short message with your problem so that I can find out whether I am the right psychologist for you. After we have made an appointment together, you will receive my counseling contract and initial questionnaire, in which I will ask you for more relevant information. I also recommend you to take some time after our first session to think about whether we are a good fit. The (professional) relationship between client and psychologist is one of the most important factors of our work together and we should feel comfortable with each other.

Important: Psychological online counseling cannot replace psychotherapy. It is not appropiate in acute crisis or to treat mental disorders. In acute emergency situations, the family doctor or the nearest hospital should be consulted.

Qualifikationen und Erfahrung


Goethe University Frankfurt am Main: Master of Science in Psychology (2021)
University Trier: Bachelor of Science Psychology (2017)


Counselling in my own Private Praxis Online (since 2020)
Internship with psychological psychotherapist Ms. Glas in Frankfurt (2019 - 2020)
Internship with psychologist and therapist Ms Morell-Muñoz in northern Spain (2015)


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