Marianna Trezza

Marianna Trezza

Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist & Counsellor

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70 £ / Sitzung

Marianna Trezza

Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist & Counsellor in London

I help you to change your limiting believes that prevent you from reaching your goals so you can amplify your life success.
I have helped many people for almost 20 years

  NW5 London   NW5 London

Über Marianna

My Counselling Background
I grew up in Italy and moved to UK in 1998 to live and work in London. I spent several years working in travelling and banking industries before changing my career into Counselling and Hypnotherapy, drawn to it because whilst in my corporate work I became very interested in the "human" that was inside the role. I also encouraged my friends and colleagues to fulfil their full potential. I finally understood that by empowering them, they empowered others and that created a ripple effect around them. Since then, that ripple has become bigger and bigger as I decided to be a "rippler" as a profession. I now feel much happier and fulfilled so is the experience of many of my clients at the end of the therapy.

Mein Therapieansatz

I am an integrative humanistic counsellor, which means that I see you as having innate resources and potential to draw on and develop.
I believe that:
-We have the answers we need within us that need to be discovered.
-We can be trusted to find our own way out of our difficulties.
-We have a natural tendency to grow and change.

What Can You Expect From Counselling?
-a peaceful and creative space in which you can find the answers that are right for you and develop your own unique potential.
-I try my best to understand how the world looks through your eyes, what feels like to be in your shoes.
-I accept you as you are, without judgement.
-I will not tell you what to do but "walk" alongside you, following your path, assisting you in finding your own solutions.
-I will provide a safe, understanding and supportive relationship.

Arts Therapy
Using the arts in sessions can be helpful in expressing feelings that are difficult to talk about. It can also help us to unlock creative energy and find new solutions.

Nature Alignment - Walk and Talk Therapy
Nature Alignment is a way of working with the psyche through nature. In Nature Alignment, nature becomes a mirror of our internal world. The line between the internal and external worlds is arbitrary. Through exploring where we end and the other begins we discover that far from being separate there is a synchronicity which challenges the fixed idea of who we are and what is our goal in life and helps us to see beyond the fixed patterns imposed by our defending egos. Through Nature Alignment we explore our connection with all other forms of life.
The emphasis is on observing the world as it is rather than analysing it so we can let the natural world getting in and through it we can see reflections of our deeper selves. Sessions are held in Hampstead Heath (London)

Pet therapy
I own two cats that can be part of the therapy.

Please send me an email so I can let you know my availability for the week.

Qualifikationen und Erfahrung


Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling CPCAB accredited, City & Islington College, London.

Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma GHSC and CMA validated, Holistic Healing College, London.

Allergies, Phobias and Energy Psychology Techniques Certificate, CMA validated, Holistic Healing College, London.

Spiritual Life Coaching Certificate CMA validated, Holistic Healing College, London.

I studied at Universita' degli Studi di Salerno in Italy to and beyond degree level in Communication and Media Studies but majored in Psychology.


I started to work with teenagers in 2004, at Youthreach in Greenwich, London, and then worked with vulnerable adults at Mind (2008), London. I have also worked with children at The Place2Be (2008), London. I am been practising in private practice for the past fifteen years with clients from all parts of the world.
I am fully insured. BACP member. All sessions need to be paid in advances and I need 24 hours cancellation notice.


Englisch, Italienisch


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