It's Complicated

Lea Vogt

Accredited Psychologist (MSc)

As a German- and English-speaking psychologist I would love to employ my empathy and my work experience to help individuals as well as couples and families navigate life's challenges.
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Über mich

After my graduation, I started working as a Court Psychologist, advising courts in the decision making process in child custody cases. This position included (among other responsibilities) working as a counsellor and mediator for parents and families dealing with a wide array of issues ranging from malfunctioning communication and interfamilial relationship difficulties to mental disorders and substance abuse. Through my work but also my personal experiences I know very well, how fragile relationships and family systems can be and would love to help individuals, couples and families dealing with whatever comes up.
Systemischer Ansatz
Systemische Therapie

Mein Ansatz

My approach is based upon the Systemic Approach - which means no problem or disorder should be treated exclusively and without paying attention to the system it could evolve in. Furthermore, I focus on resources rather than deficits and I see my clients as experts of themselves. I would like to help you understand yourself and your close ones better - using the knowledge that is already within you - under professional guidance.

Wo ich arbeite

Qualifikationen und Erfahrungen

Since 2021: Post-Graduate Training Course to achieve the protected title of Psychological Psychotherapist in Systemic Psychotherapy at the Rhein-Eifel-Institut Andernach 2017: M. Sc. Psychology, University of Hamburg 2015: B. Sc. Psychology, University of Hamburg
2018-today: Court Psychologist and Counsellor 2013-2017: Research Assistant at the Department for Biological and Neuropsychology, University of Hamburg
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  • 80 € / Sitzung
location iconVonMünster
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Antwortet überlicherweise innerhalb einer Stunde