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What are the requirements for counsellors to be listed?

In order to be a subscribed member, you need to be qualified to help other people therapeutically. We require evidence of your professional job title - a higher education qualification (Master's level, EQF level 7) and/or post-graduate training of at least 2 years with practical assessments where applicable in an area of applied psychology (whether that's counselling, a specific type or approach of psychotherapy, coaching, and so on).

At your disposal, you need to have proof of credentials (diploma or a certificate) showing that you are one of the following types of licensed mental health professionals:

  • Psychologist

  • Psychotherapist

  • Psychoanalyst

  • Psychiatrist

  • Social worker

  • Coach

  • Another similar mental health profession

*In certain mental health professions within some jurisdictions it is legal to practice counselling and/or therapy without a license. If this applies to your situation, you need to provide proof that the scope of your training is equivalent to that of a licensed mental health professional.

Unsure about your credentials? See the most common questions and answers or reach out to us.

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