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Johanna Liasides

Psychologist- Psychotherapist (Msc, PhDc)

Johanna Liasides is a licensed psychologist who utilizes an integrative approach combining Schema therapy, Action & commitment therapy (ACT), and Mindfulness. She is also a ADHD-Certified Clinical Services Provider.
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About me

I'm a trained English speaking therapist who has been working online and in private practice with adults and adolescents for the past 10 years! As a bi-cultural individual raised in Athens, Greece I have had the honour to interact with individuals from Greece and abroad and have an appreciation of diversity that will help me understand you and connect with you in a meaningful way.
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
Social anxiety

My approach

We all have grey days, and sometimes these are a little harder to get through. You may feel like you are faced with too many obstacles or feel stuck and can’t find your way out of your current situation. You may feel too discouraged or unmotivated to even try. My goal is to help you gain insight about and confront the issues that are holding you back from leading the life that you desire. As an integrative psychologist, I use schema therapy, action and commitment therapy (ACT) and Mindfulness as needed to help you identify and understand the reasons for your thoughts, feelings and experiences and relational patterns that contribute to your current struggles and help you make meaningful life changes which are in line with your needs and values.

In the non-judgemental, confidential and safe space of our therapeutic relationship, you can talk freely about what is on your mind, or address a specific concern that you are having. I can help you find ways to cope better with depression, anxiety, social anxiety, loneliness, partner, family or peer difficulties through a tailor-made approach that we will create together.

As a licensed psychologist in Greece, with a Bachelor’s in Psychology, a Masters in Counselling Psychology & Psychotherapy and a PhD(c) in Clinical Psychology, I have worked therapeutically with teens and adults in private practice and online counselling, supporting them in addressing various social and emotional issues; I have also conducted skill building psycho-educational groups in order to help teens boost their self-esteem and improve their communication skills.

I encourage you to take the brave step of reaching out for support today, so that even when life throws at you another grey day, you will have someone right by your side to help you deal with it better.

Where I practice

Qualifications and experience

-2023- PhD(c), University of Selinus, Italy - 2011-2014 Master of Science (MS) in Applied Psychology with a specialization in Counselling Psychology & Psychotherapy from the American College of Greece -2006-2010 Bachelor of Science (BSc, Hons with distinction) in Applied Psychology from Business School of Athens, Department of Psychology
2017-present Online Psychologist 7 cups of tea, Online Therapy Platform Responsibilities include: Counselling adults online in the areas of women’s issues, relationship issues, parenting issues, self-esteem, grief, divorce, depression, mood disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, trauma, anxiety and academic underachievement. 2014-2017 Psychologist, Co-director Pathways- Counselling & Personal Development Center Responsibilities included: Counselling children, adolescents and young adults; co-facilitating psychoeducational groups for Elementary, Middle school and High school students to help boost self-esteem as well as social skills.
Private Pay
  • €60 / session
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Usually responds within one hour
Usually responds within one hour