Gyasi Bramos Hantman

Gyasi Bramos Hantman

Accredited Psychotherapist

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75 € / session

Gyasi Bramos Hantman

Accredited Psychotherapist in Athens

As an English speaking psychotherapist in Athens Greece, I work with people of all backgrounds searching to better understand themselves and their experience in this journey called life.

Karitsi 5 105 61 Athens Karitsi 5 105 61 Athens

About Gyasi Bramos

I am a trained social worker from New York City. I hold a licensed degree and am Certified as a Core Energetic Practitioner. I relocated to Athens Greece during the pandemic where I maintain a practice and co-lead a mens group.

My Approach

The therapeutic modality I use brings consciousness to how we block our energy and recreate defense patterns adapted in childhood which keep us limited and dis-empowered. I believe awareness is not enough, it is equally important to mobilize our physical energy (life-force) differently in order to make lasting changes in both our inner world and our outer experience of life. Work with the body is critical in changing our experience of embodiment, because our defenses, belief systems, coping mechanisms, and typical emotional responses are not just psychological, they are also somatic and powerfully anchored in the physical body.

Sessions are centered on targeted body techniques open consciousness to suppressed feelings and engage the energy system in ways that allow us to go beyond our “comfort” zone. This work taps into blocked sources of energy that can then be integrated and grounded. The result is the development of expanded sense of who we are to more fully embrace our life, open unknown inner resources, express our creativity, embrace our sexuality, and deepen our connection with others.

Qualifications and Experience


2000 Bachelor of Arts Psychology (B.A)
2014 Masters in Social Work (MSW)
2017 LMSW Licensed Master of Social Work (LMSW)
2029 Core Energetics Practitioner Certification (CCET)


2019 - today Private practice and group work in Athens Greece

2009-2019 Working with older adults with schizophrenia in a residential setting in New York City

2007-2009 - Working with people seeking substance abuse support in an inpatient recovery center. Miami Florida




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