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Iris Cosar

Developmental Psychologist, EMDR 1st Level, Expressive Art Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Magic Therapy Practitioner

I'm a Turkish and English speaking Psychologist who; - Specialized in Learning Disorders & ADHD, - Applies Expressive Art Therapy Activities to children, teens and adults, - Gets her strength from PASS Theory.
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About me

Hello everyone! Herkese merhaba! (Türkçe devamında yer almaktadır.) It is nice to meet with you on this platform even though we can not see each other right away. I'm Iris, a Developmental Psychologist who has joined here to help children, teens, their parents and adults. My journey in this field has started working with children who had special needs. I provided special education to children and teens and gave educational and emotional consultation to their parents. My interest in special education led me to specialize in Learning Disorders and ADHD. I loved and enjoyed really much working and helping to them - I still am :) It was a great start and an amazing experience for me which I never want to forget. Working with children & teens always led me to learn more in order to teach them better. Along the road, I came across with Expressive Art Therapy and I let this field to completely mesmerize me. The more I know and the more I apply; first to myself and then to my clients, the more I felt astonished to the great change that this therapy has brought into people's lives. Therefore, another beautiful branch has arisen in my career and my focus has extended. Along with Expressive Art Therapy applications I started providing help to adults. This approach has opened the door to step into adult's world. For this reason, besides practicing Expressive Art Therapy with adults, I'm getting trained on Solution Focused Therapy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Herkese tekrardan merhaba :) Ben Gelişimsel Psikolog İris Coşar. Bu platforma çocuklara, ergenlere, onların ailelerine özel eğitim desteği/eğitim danışmanlığı ve yetişkinlere ise psikolojik destek vermek amacıyla üye oldum. Çocuklara ve ergenlere özel eğitim, ailelerineyse eğitimsel danışmanlık alanında sağladığım desteklerin yanında şimdi yetişkinlere de psikolojik danışmanlık desteği veriyorum.
Art therapy
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
Crisis Response
Solution-focused therapy

My approach

(Türkçe devamında yer almaktadır.) I got my biggest strength from PASS theory which was introduced by Luria, J.P. Das, Kirby and Naglieri. These theory has 3 Remedial Programs which are; - PREP (PASS Reading Enhancement Program) - COGENT (Cognitive Enhancement Program) - Math Modules Every child comes from a culturally, educationally or socially different background. Therefore, first of all to understand what kind of a background that the child has, to do the right assessments according to the defined problem and afterwards creating an individualized educational plan is important. In this manner, in the light of PASS theory I determine the necessary tools, materials and sources according to the needs of the child. On the other hand, when I work with adults I got my biggest strength from Expressive Art Therapy Applications and from Solution Focused Therapy Applications. What I like the most in these 2 approaches are, it gives the opportunity to an individual to discover the inner difficulties from a very soft and smooth angle and in the meantime this discovery brings the power to understand the difficulty while becoming stronger. _________________________________________________________ Öğrenme güçlüğü ya da dikkat alanlarında zorluk yaşayan çocuklara ağırlıklı olarak PASS Teoreminden aldığım güçle destek oluyorum. Diğer yaklaşımlardan PASS Teoremini ayıran en önemli ve güçlü özellik tanılamadan ziyade Teoremin müdahale kısmına odaklanmış olmasıdır. PASS Teoreminin 3 müdahale programı vardır. Bunlar; - PREP (Okumayı Geliştirme Programı) - MATH Modülleri (Aritmetik Becerileri Geliştirme Programı) - COGENT (Erken Çocukluk Dönemi Çocukları için Bilişi Geliştirme Programı) Yetişkinlere yönelik olan çalışmalarımda Dışavurumcu Sanat Terapisi etkinlikleri ve Kısa Süreli Çözüm Odaklı Terapi yöntemlerini uyguluyorum. Bu iki ekolün en sevdiğim yanları, kişinin kendi problemlerine yönelik çözümleri kendi içinde varolan güçle çözümlüyor olmasıdır.

Where I practice

Qualifications and experience

2014 MSc Developmental Psychology from Maastricht University, HOLLAND 2013 Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Izmir University of Economics, IZMIR
2017 - Present: Developmental Psychologist at Dyslexia Academy • I translated and adapted two of the child learning programs of Prof. J. P. Das (COGENT & Math Modules) and 3 sets of books by Sarah Janise Brown (Dyslexia Games) from English to Turkish language. • I provided special education to students who have Learning Difficulties and supported their cognitive foundations in order to strengthen their fundamental skills as reading, maths and writing. • I kept detailed record of the developmental progress of the child and informed the parents regularly about the educational process. • I developed materials and games for children who have reading and math difficulties. • Currently, I'm giving online trainings to educators about how to use Math Modules. 2015 - 2017: Developmental Psychologist at Dunya Special Education Centers, IZMIR • I gave special education support to children who have special needs. Worked one-to-one with children in order to improve their cognitive, emotional and learning skills. • I kept record and informed the parents regularly about the developmental progress of the child. • Researched, developed and translated materials for strengthening children's social and cognitive skills.
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  • €80 / session
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Usually responds within one hour


Usually responds within one hour