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Carolina Pomilio

Narrative Therapist in Training | Mindfulness Counsellor | Coach

I help you to navigate and transform your narratives, challenging emotional states, and problematic habits and take steps into your preferred life direction.
  • €80 / session
  • Session + detailed session notes - €125 / session
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About me

Hi! I'm Carolina - a narrative therapist in training, certified mindfulness counsellor, writer, and mental health researcher.

I grew up in Argentina and Australia, went on to live in Malta, and am now living in Berlin, Germany. Before studying and working in mental and emotional health I worked for over ten years in creative communications, international publishing, and investigative journalism. My interest in people, their stories, their ups, and their downs led me to change my work (and life!) direction.

For the past ten years I have been helping to reduce the presence and influence of diverse problems and causes of sufferings in the lives of my clients. I can help you with:

- Anxiety
- Social Anxiety
- Depression
- Seasonal Depression (SAD)
- Suicidal thoughts & ideation
- Grief & Loss (Relationship breakup or loss of life)
- Addictions
- Attention problems (ADD/ADHD)
- Eating Problems/Bulimia/Anorexia
- Trauma Healing & Recovery
- Abuse Healing & Recovery
- Schizophrenia & Psychosis/Voice Hearing
- Spiritual Crisis
- Stress/Burnout/Overwhelm
- Coping with chronic illness/pain
- Feelings of Failure
- Work stress & unhealthy workplaces
- Insomnia
- Life Transitions (Motherhood, Fatherhood, Change of Career, Retirement, etc.)
- Immigration & Cultural Identity challenges
- Interpersonal Conflict/Family Conflict
- Relational skill building

I strive to offer every person I work with a calm, emotionally safe, and non-judgmental presence. I adapt my ways of working for any neurodivergence, and we can find the best way to work together for you to get the most out of therapy.

You can send me a message through the platform to arrange a free intro call :)

Chronic Illness
Grief & Loss

My approach

Depending on the problem you are facing, I use a combination of narrative therapy, mindfulness-based therapy, and emotional intelligence and relational skill training. I tailor my approach to your unique situation in order for you to have the best possible outcome for your wellbeing. My work is non diagnostic and non analytical. Any cultural and spiritual practices you have are welcome into the therapy space.

Narrative Therapy:

The stories we tell ourselves about our lives determine how we think, feel, and act - which ultimately determines the direction of our lives. We will work together to discover and understand how your narratives have been formed, and work on building new, more helpful ones. This can provide healing, help you to take new actions and respond differently to the same issues, and move forward in a positive direction.

Mindfulness Counselling & Coaching

Mindfulness includes both mind and body practices involving observing and tuning into the present moment. I help you to observe, identify and regulate thoughts, feelings, and the senses in the body – with kindness, compassion, and without judgment. These practices and explorations help you develop a stronger self awareness, and reduce mental and emotional suffering caused by the mind and body getting stuck in your past, or too much in your future.

Where I practice

Qualifications and experience

University 2023-2024: Master of Narrative Therapy & Community Work, University of Melbourne 2013-2015: Master of Arts in Modern & Contemporary Literature, University of Malta 2010: Master of Publishing, University of Sydney 2005-2009: Bachelor of Arts in International Studies, University of Technology, Sydney 2005-2009: Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Journalism), University of Technology, Sydney Professional Apr-Jul 2022: Narrative Therapy Level 2 Certification, The UK Institute of Narrative Therapy Jun-Nov 2021: Narrative Therapy Level 1 Certification, The UK Institute of Narrative Therapy 2019-2021: Mindfulness & Meditation Teaching Certificate (MMTCP), The Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley with Dr. Jack Kornfield & Dr. Tara Brach Emotional Nov 2022-Jan 2023: Say What You Mean: Mindful Communication Part 1 2021: Foundations of Wellbeing Year-long Program with Dr. Rick Hanson 2020: 7-Day Life Retreat with Dr.Tara Brach 2019: 10-Day Vipassana Silent Retreat, Spain 22-24 March 2019:Gross Global Happiness Conference, , UN University for Peace, Costa Rica
2019-Present: Private Practice, Berlin & Online 2019-2021: Mindfulness Coach, Stillpoint Spaces, Berlin 2018: Mentor & Coach, INGO Girlz FTW, Online 2013-2017: Victim [Survivor] Support Worker, National Victim Support Unit, Malta
Private Pay
  • €80 / session
  • Session + detailed session notes - €125 / session
location iconFromBerlin
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Usually responds within one day