It's Complicated

Alex Semenchenko

Counselling Psychologist

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. I'm here to help you find out the second one.
  • €45 / session
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About me

Ukrainian, Russian, English-speaking psychologist. Born and raised in Ukraine in a bilingual family. I've been traveling around the world for several years, mostly by hitchhiking and lived in 3 countries. I've also been using couchsurfing quite a lot. It all helped me to immerse into cultures and grasp differences in people from various countries all around the globe.
CBT: Cognitive behavioral therapy
Personal development

My approach

During my session, I pay attention to build a warm and supportive environment. I mostly integrate Cognitive Behavioral approaches (CBT). These methods will help you to manage your difficulties and support you in achieving your goals. I provide a warm and nonjudgmental space to support clients to explore and make sense of themselves, their difficulties and life challenges and find new ways of coping. I have worked with people from different life paths to assist them to make the necessary life and lifestyle changes that will enable them to lead more fulfilling and meaningful lives. I have a passion for working with children and adults and helping them to adjust to change in their life and move away from feeling stuck. I enjoy helping individuals to reconnect to their purpose, find new ways of coping and rebuild their confidence and self-esteem by dealing with irrational beliefs and learn how to manage emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in a healthier, more realistic way. It helps to work through their past, present, or future issues from a solution-orientated framework. I use practices such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT). I have also worked in a private school for 5 years. During this experience working with school aged children I provided a safe place for kids to make sense of themselves, their experiences and the world around them. I use a compassionate and caring approach tailored to each child’s needs and interests and uses a combination of play therapy, skills training and supportive counselling to help.

Where I practice

Qualifications and experience

2017 - Master’s degree in Psychology
2014 - Behavioral Therapist 2015 - Psychotherapist - Centre Tomatis 2015 - 2019 - Psychologist - CISC 2017 today - Counselling Psychologist 2022 today - Counseling Psyhologist, Mentor - krisenchat 2022 today - Trainer, Psychologist - Mindfield
Private Pay
  • €45 / session
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Usually responds within one day
Usually responds within one day