Chuy-You PHOW

Chuy-You PHOW

Heilpraktiker for psychotherapy

70 € / session

50 € / Low Income

80 € / Couple

Hi! I am French Systemic Counsellor (SG), Coach (Career&Business), Alternative Psychotherapist (HeilPG) & Sound Healer, based in Berlin.

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The therapists timezone is Europe/Berlin

70 € / session

Chuy-You PHOW

Heilpraktiker for psychotherapy in Berlin

I provide Systemic Counselling, Coaching, Therapy & Soundhealing in Berlin. I facilitate Transformation Process with help of your objectives, ressources, solutions, emotions, body & movements. Français, Deutsch, English.

  10407 Berlin   10407 Berlin

About Chuy-You

Together we work on aspects of your life you want to clarify, change, find solutions/ strategies for or heal. You set your goals. I facilitate & hold the space you need to be/ feel/ move/ express/ experiment/ rehearse/ learn & grow.
Give yourself time to find anchor, to create safe space & to (re)design your life.

- COUNSELING: daily life conflicts, relationship, decision, stress, challenges, changes, habits, selfdiscovery, life purpose, grief/loss, HSP/HP...
- COACHING: Prof. & Business Growth.
- THERAPY: trauma (transgenerational, shock, childhood, social...) - depression, burn out, anxiety, ADHD.
- SUPPORTIVE: psychosis, bipolar, borderline, addiction, eating disorders.
- SOUNDHEALING: Individual or Group

How? Live + Walk&Talk + Online.
Where? Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg/Friedrichshain/Park)
Investment: 50€-70€ (60 min) // Couple: 65€-80€ (60 min) // Coaching: 70€-90€ (90 min)
Pay what feels comfortable according to your financial situation.

About me
Before becoming a Therapist I used to work as Marketing & Communication Professional at global leading IT & High Tech companies. Then I founded my own business in Marketing & CSR Consulting & Translation (FR/DE/EN), while I was activist for Environment & Social Causes.

During my transformation process I came through many states of development that a human being encounters. Also I tried many kind of techniques (Therapies, Spirituality, Arts/Painting/Drawing/Music/Theater/Pantomime/Dance, Body based techniques, etc. with Facilitators & Therapists) which made me experiencing holistic effects and helped me to get to know myself better. Everything flows and is integrated smoothly in our sessions. Each experience I made as Individual, MarCom Professional and Therapist, benefits my Clients.

I am passionate about the Systemic Approach and use Intuitive Drawing & Painting as Supervision means. I go foodsaving & I have a great sense of Humor! :ö)

More about me: (FR/DE)

My Approach SYSTEMIC.
Aims at client's Growth/Empowerment/Self-determination/Autonomy. Based on principles like Circularity/Reccurence/Interdependence/Reciprocity. Reality is considered as a construction, multidimensional & relative, depending on context & people's perspective.
Our Body, Mind & Soul are intelligent. We do things for good reasons: HOW useful is a behavior (ex.: blockade/conflict)/mindset (ex.: confusion)/state (emotion) for a system? What FOR? WHOM does it serve most? Is it STILL useful? Need a NEW way to deal with?
Becoming aware of circular conflictual relationship & communication patterns w/family & social environment is essential. Mindsets & believes shape us. Changing them changes the way we see/do things. The smallest difference matters.
We widen fields of actions by exploring possibilities & strategies. We co-find solutions by activating all Your resources (faculties, creativity, emotion, spirituality, resilience, network, strategy, social & professional experiences..).
Each session is unique/an experiment. Trust Your Gut. I facilitate & go the path with you.

METHODS: circular questioning, context, reframing, metaphor, narrative, visualization, imagination, externalisation, genogram, constellation, mindfulness (body, mind, emotion), acceptance, scaling, EMDR1, EFT, CIPBS, PITT/Ego state...

I work Integrative, client-centered: breath, blink of eyes, gesture, facial, sound, movement & all other things, that no one hears or sees but feels and perceives, show who you are. I will resonate. Movement is crucial. I use Intuition, Creativity & my High Sensitivity as devices that I extend mindfully.

I like playing, improvising, experimenting with anything you share. Please join me & allow yourself to play like a Little Child again!

My ATTITUDE: all-partisan, open & curious. You are my Inspiration. I give impulse. You know best what to do. You are the Expert, the Artist, Actress/Actor & Director. I accompany you. Your Life is in Your Hands.

Qualifications and Experience


2023 - Certificate "Systemic Traumatherapist" (IST)
2021 - 2023 - Qualification as "Systemic Traumatherapist" at Private Institute for Systemic Therapy (Germany)
2020: Certificate "Systemic Counselor" (SG/IST)
2017 - 2020 - Qualification as "Systemic Counselor" at Private Institute for Systemic Therapy & Institute for Systemic Work in Berlin (Germany)
2019: Licence as Alternative Psychotherapist (Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapy/HeilPG), in Berlin (Germany)
2017 - 2019 - Qualification & preparation to the exam of Alternative for Psychotherapist at Institute Christoph Mahr, in Berlin (Germany)
2016 - present - Intuitive Drawing & Painting
2014 - present - Autodidact - construction of Music Instruments (Children Harp & Zither Tao Lyra)

2010 - 2011 - M.A. "Responsible Management" at ICRM Steinbeis Hochschule Berlin (Germany)
2001 - 2002 - DESS/Master of Business Administration "Marketing Opérationnel International", Université Paris 10/Sup de Vente CCI Paris-Ile de France, Paris (France)
1995 - 2000 - Master of International Business Studies: "Commerce avec l'Asie - Chine", Faculté des Affaires Internationales, Université du Havre, Le Havre (France).


2020 - 2020 - Jobcoach (Freelance & Employee): Coaching people with disabilities, migration background, refugees, psychiatric issues, long-term unemployed, in Berlin (Germany)
Since 2017 - Systemic Counselling, Coaching & Therapy at own practice: Work with individuals with & without psychiatric issues, in Berlin (Germany)
Since 2017 - Sound Healing with individuals & groups with/without psychiatric issues at psycho-social institution (Kontakt- und Beratungsstelle), in Berlin (Germany)
Since 2015 - Sound Healing with Tao Lyra, a Zither made of wood with 48 strings & 432Hz frequency, that I constructed myself. There are 4 kind of woods: Cherry, Oak, Service Tree, Birch (construction in progress!). Work with people with/without psychiatric issues, in Berlin (Germany)
Recommanded for Individuals & Groups at schools, universities, companies, family...
Do you want to hear how it sounds?

2002 - 2017 - Marketing Professional in the IT/High Tech sectors.
a) 2009 - 2017:
- Freelance as Marketing-CSR Consultant & Translator FR/DE/EN in Berlin (Germany)
- Volunteering as Eco - & Social Activist/ supporting NGOs/NPOs with my Marketing and Communication skills, Member of JCI (Junior Chamber International) in Berlin (Germany)
b) 2002 - 2009 - Employee as Market Analyst, MarCom Executive (F, BeNeLux, Italy), EMEA MarCom Programm Manager for market leaders (Paris, Francfort/Main, Munich)

2000 - 2001 - Export Assistant in the Fashion Industry (Woman Handbags), Paris (France)


English, French, German


Private Pay, Private Insurance