Izabela Brzozowska

Izabela Brzozowska

Holistic Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Coach

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80 € / session

Izabela Brzozowska

Holistic Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Coach in Berlin

I am a compassionate HP therapist specialist in female healing & empowerment and menstrual awareness. Currently i am learning NARM for healing developmental trauma. Good fit for all highly sensitives!
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Schulzestraße 1 13187 Berlin Schulzestraße 1 13187 Berlin

About Izabela

Hi, I am Izabela a passionate Female Empowerment Coach & HP Psychotherapist based in Berlin, originally born in Poland. My personal path is a mixture of psychotherapy, dance/movement and spirituality/mindfulness. I lived in different cultures as Israel, Argentina, India and Nepal and have an open mind for different life styles & identities.

I see healing as a learning process. It is an ever unfolding movement to more awareness about our human nature and to more kindness to ourselves and others. We have everything what we need inside us. It is a matter of awareness, tools and guidance, to open our recourses for our own healing and self-empowering.

I am delighted to be your guide and companion on your healing journey and your self-empowering.

My Approach

I am a compassionate Female Empowerment Coach & HP Psychotherapist.
My path is a crossroad of psychotherapy & mindfulness including somatic approaches.
My base is humanistic psychology of ROGERS. With my educations and experiences i am mixing techniques of Somatic Experiences, Energetic Work and Humanistic Psychology. Currently i am learning and starting with NARM, a trauma therapy form focused on developmental/relational trauma.
Furthermore i am giving sessions in Menstrual Coaching for a better understanding of our female body, the emotional landscape during the cycle phases and Womb Healing.

A session can include following themes:

- stress reduction & body relaxation
- reducing anxiety/panic & techniques to calm the nervous system
- trauma work on your core wounding (developmental trauma)

- gaining self-acceptance in difficult situations
- developing real self-esteem from self-knowledge
- setting healthy boundaries in relationships
- implementing awareness in conflicts

- clarifying your roles as a woman
- understanding your female body & cyclic nature
- reducing PMS & discomfort during menstruation
- support in wishing to become pregnant

- shifting perception for more clarity & orientation
- grounding in your body and find stability from it
- learning meditative techniques for more peace in mind

Qualifications and Experience


2008 - Städelschule - Academy of Fine Arts

2010 - Client oriented conversational therapy (Carl Rogers®)

2012 - MA Sociology / NF Psychology

2013 - Dance School ADAMA - Expressive Arts & Movement

2016 - Mystic & Healing - Mindful approach to Healing

2017 - Transparent Communication® - Group leadership program

2017 - Menstrual Coaching & Womb Healing (Moon Mother®)

2016 - today HP psychologist with private practice in Berlin and online sessions

2020 - NARM® trauma therapy (i.e.)


I am working with clients in personal sessions for about 8 years - specialized on women topics, health and healing since 4 years.

Apart from private sessions i am offering monthly women circles to dive deeper into feminine nature and cyclic wisdom as well as women retreats once or twice a year.

I developed a year long program called "Goddess Gift Dance Rituals for women" with my own methodology of movement, meditation and psychological approach to discover and unfold female archetypes in us.

I am part of diverse healing festivals, collaborations and speak at online summits.

You find more informations about it here: www.transparent-heart.com


English, German, Polish, Spanish


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