Andrej Todorovic

Andrej Todorovic

Psychodynamic Counsellor, Heilpraktiker for Psychotherapy

80 € / session

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80 € / session

Andrej Todorovic

Psychodynamic Counsellor, Heilpraktiker for Psychotherapy in Berlin

In my work I follow the statement that acquainting the capacity for psychological self-observation could be a significant medium able to ease the burden of living.

Mittelweg 50 12053 Berlin Mittelweg 50 12053 Berlin

About Andrej

My experience in the field of psychotherapy and counselling was based in treating and supporting different kind of groups including refugees, migrants and asylum seekers, early adults with transitional and relational issues, as well as with persons who suffered from strong anxious, depressive and traumatic hardships. Through this journey I became deeply convinced that understanding our inner workings creates potential for significant changes in all aspects of our lives, helping us to see the world differently, developing and maintaining more satisfying relationships with oneself and others.

My Approach

As a psychoanalytically-oriented therapist, I support individuals in overcoming different challenges relating to personal growth, relationships, life transitions, anxiety, depression, grief, loss and trauma. Through the psychotherapeutic process I aim to help people explore and understand unknown parts of their mind, which in the long run helps them deal with different kinds of internal and interpersonal conflicts.
In my psychological work I use a non-directive approach, where individuals have the complete freedom to express their fantasies, thoughts, emotions and dreams. The main goal of such a therapeutic process is to get acquainted with one's inner world, in order to understand how it affects every-day life and functioning.

Qualifications and Experience


American Psychological Association (APA), International Relational Committee of Division 39, Scholarship Program
Master degree of Clinical Psychology, University of Belgrade Faculty of Philosophy
Psychology degree at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Philosophy
In training from Psychoanalytic psychotherapy in Association of Psychoanalytic psychotherapist of Serbia


2022- present
Heilpraktiker for psychotherapy in Mittelweg 50 (International practice for counselling and therapy)
Psychotherapist in Institute for Psychology, Psychotherapy and Education 'Reverie'
2016 - 2021
Employed as a psychologist in NGO PIN (Psychosocial Innovation Network) in Belgrade which provide psychological support to the refugees and asylum seekers - UNHCR projects
2015 - 2021
Private psychotherapeutic practice in Belgrade
Graduated one year practical training in Psychiatric hospital in Belgrade
Providing psychosocial support to the flood victims - UNICEF project


English, Serbian


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