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Viktoriia Paniotova

Psychologist (M.Sc), Psychological Counsellor (HPG)

I specialise in working with people of migration, emigration and multicultural background. Here to offer you a safe and compassionate environment to explore your mind and body.
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About me

Born in Ukraine I have studied in the UK for 5 years and for 7 years I have been studying and working in Germany, so I have a good understanding of the life of an expat with all its ups and downs. I feel my profession as my calling, and have been passionately following it through my education, continuous professional development and, certainly, my work.

The war has first touched me in 2014, then I lost my home town, witnessed my family and friends abandoning everything, relocating and starting a new. Still being a student at that time, it led me to carry out research on ways of supporting the wellbeing of the displaced people. In 2022 the war reached me for the second time, I have undergone training in crisis interventions and provide psychological help to refugees and co-host creative communal space for refugee families in Berlin.

My learning ground and inner search is not limited to the "classroom" and I take inspiration and knowledge from practicing yoga, traveling, literature, meeting different people, and my own therapy.
I began my private practice in 2021 in Berlin and online, working with clients of different backgrounds. I deeply appreciate the trust and courage of my clients, it brings joy and hope to my life.
Gestalt therapy
Personal development

My approach

In my work I focus on building trustworthy and stable client-therapist alliance, where one can feel safe and confident to be themselves. Depending on the client’s needs I am flexible to adapt, while maintaining a non-judgemental and compassionate environment. I value knowledge and dedication, and at the same time I trust my intuition and the situation, to guide through the process of therapy.

I work within the framework of gestalt therapy, which is an intersection of a humanistic and existential approaches, meaning that the client is an active and equal participant of the process, whose experiences are unique and deserve individual attention. During the sessions I pay close attention to the body work and integrate mindfulness, breath work, and creative techniques.

I am here to offer psychological counselling and psychotherapy with non-clinical issues, among others but not limited to: relationships, stress and burn-out, anxiety, traumatic experiences, personal crisis, self-worth, career-counselling. I offer short crisis interventions, counselling and psychotherapy. My therapeutic hour is 50 minutes. I also offer 2 places on a donation basis to people in-need.

I am happy and honoured to go together with you on a journey of learning more about yourself. A deeper understanding of our own self, the origins of our behaviours and thoughts, frees us and helps making conscious choices.

Where I practice

Qualifications and experience

2013 - 2016 BSc Psychology at UCL (University College London) 2016 - 2018 MSc Psychology: Learning Sciences (LMU, München) 2019 - 2021 - 1st Level Gestalt therapy training 2021-2026 - 2nd Level Gestalt Therapy training 2022-2023 - Training specialising on working with trauma January 2022 - Heilpraktiker for Psychotherapy April 2022 - Shock Trauma and Crisis Interventions training (Kyiv Gestalt Institute) May-June 2022 - Psychological First Aid, Crisis Interventions (Israel Trauma Coalition) Member of the German Psychological Society/Berufsverband Deutscher Psychologinnen und Psychologen (BDP)
from June 2021 Private practice in Berlin Jan-May 2022 worked as a part of the Learning Design & Research Team at Cornelsen Verlag 2019-2021 Within a new nursery in London worked with parents and pedagogues online and offline delivering the knowledge about the child's social-emotional development 2017-2018 Worked in the team designing online learning for edTech startup
Private Pay
  • €80 / session
location iconFromBerlin
last activity iconLast active
session count icon340+ sessions on It's Complicated
joined at icon2 years at It's Complicated
Usually responds within one day


Usually responds within one day