Ana Morin

Ana Morin

Couples and Sex therapist (HeilprG)

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140 € / session for 2 or more people

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100 € / session

Ana Morin

Couples and Sex therapist (HeilprG) in Berlin

Reduce anxiety around sex & relationships. Create emotional safety where all feelings, thoughts and wishes can be communicated. Learn to collaborate. All ages, gender & sexual orientations welcome.

About Ana

Coming from Bosnia and living in Berlin for many years now, I have an understanding of both people with traditional lifestyles as well for those who want to explore a wider spectrum of options.

My education includes a degree in medicine and advanced training in relationship dynamics based sex therapy from the Institut für Beziehungsdynamik – Paartherapie und Sexualtherapie Berlin. This training is not just about sex, it is also about increasing capacity for a harmonious relationship with others.

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My Approach

Judgment-fee, person-oriented and holistic. Sex therapy is a form of psychotherapy which helps people overcome their sexual problems - therapy which builds a space to speak honestly and openly, without fear of judgment. My sessions are your time to unload your worries and get to the root of your current issues. You can learn effective skills needed to understand your relationship with sex and feel empowered to create a more satisfying sex life.

A key part of sex counselling is feeling connected and comfortable with your therapist. In our sessions, we’ll work together efficiently and compassionately. Once we understand your specific emotional triggers, we can develop effective strategies to break through blocks and help you meet your therapy and sexual goals.

This includes working on cultural misconceptions on how sex should look and feel. However, most of the time the process of addressing problems requires a deeper exploration of the background issues and creating strategies to overcome them.

Qualifications and Experience


2022 Graduate of The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy Training under Ellyn Bader Ph.D. (The Couples Institute, San Francisco, USA)

2020 Polyamory in therapy (Course by Martha Kauppi, Institute for Relational Intimacy, Madison, USA)

2016 Sex Therapist (Beziehungsdynamik Sexualtherapie Berlin)

2014 Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie (State Diploma in Psychotherapy, non-medical, HeilprG)

2008 Medical doctor (Faculty of Medicine, University of Banja Luka, Bosnia; licensed physician in Bosnia & Croatia)

* Please note that although I have a degree in medicine, I practice under the German Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie legal framework.


2019-today Sex Therapist and Couples therapist with a private practice in Berlin


Bosnian, Croatian, English, Serbian


Private Pay, Private Insurance