It's Complicated

Stefanie Behrendt

Integrative Therapy and Coaching

I support you in navigating challenging phases in life and finding purpose, resilience and joy in times of crisis. My approach is warm, authentic and combines different therapy techniques as well as societal topics.
  • €90 / session
  • First Session - €60 / session
  • Sliding Scale: Low Income - €70 / session
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About me

I invite you to go on a journey of self-discovery in a safe, non-judgmental and warm atmosphere - in the context of psychotherapy (according to the German "Heilpraktikergesetz") or a Coaching. My integrative approach combines humanistic, body-oriented, systemic and behavioral therapy methods. I also consider societal topics in my work, such as feminism, anti-racism, and the impact of the climate crisis on our mental health. I am passionate about this work because I believe that we need a spiritual and cultural revolution – so we can all feel free to be ourselves and use our unique talents to return to a world where all life flourishes and where we are part of communities of care and solidarity. I grew up in Southern Germany and spent a lot of time abroad, especially in my twenties. During and after my studies, I initially worked in the business world before pursuing the career path that is aligned with my strengths and interests. Today I live with my Chilean partner in Berlin. All those experiences have shaped me and help me to understand and to be open to different lived realities.
Adjustment disorders
Gestalt therapy

My approach

Every person is different, that's why I adapt the methods I use to your individual needs and preferences. I aim to create a space where you truly feel seen and feel comfortable to completely open up. With this as a foundation we then explore together what works best for you. In some sessions this may be pure talk therapy, in others we may use elements from Gestalt therapy such as role play, or we can include your body in the process with the help of mindfulness exercises. You decide what feels right for you. In a coaching, we usually work on a clearly outlined topic in a goal-oriented way, while in the therapeutic process we can work through different past and current life events - usually over a longer period of time. In an initial consultation we can find out which form is the right one for you. A special focus of my work is on the following topics: • Navigating stressful life situations (relationship problems, breakup, job loss,...) • Building confidence and self-esteem • Developing fulfilling and authentic relationships with yourself and others • Intercultural challenges (e.g. struggling as an immigrant in Berlin) • Climate Anxiety / Eco Distress / Climate Grief • Finding purpose, joy and resilience in times of crisis _____________ Book a free 20-minute phone call to get to know me and see if you would like to book a first session: 👉 Please check my calendar for availabilities in my practice. Online appointments can be arranged on request. I offer a sliding scale with a reduced price for people with low income. You can also choose to pay a higher price per session, allowing people in need to use my services. Please contact me if any of these options are relevant to you. More info about me and my work: 👉

Where I practice

Qualifications and experience

• since 2022: Training as Integrative Gestalt Therapist: Therapeutisches Institut Berlin • 2022: State-Certified Alternative Practitioner for Psychotherapy (Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie): Health Department Berlin-Lichtenberg • 2022: Person-Centered Therapy by Carl Rogers: Heilpraktiker Akademie Deutschland • 2020-2022: Mediation & Coaching: Institut für Mediative Kommunikation und Diversity-Kompetenz Berlin • 2010-2016: Bachelor and Master Studies in the Fields of Business Administration, English and Media • Studying and Traveling in Different Places Abroad: Australia, Turkey, South America
• since 2023: Private Practice for Therapy and Coaching • since 2022: Freelance Career Coach (Professional Reorientation & Career Entry) • 2014-2022: Various Jobs in Project Management, Marketing/PR and Business Development
Private Pay
  • €90 / session
  • First Session - €60 / session
  • Sliding Scale: Low Income - €70 / session
location iconFromBerlin
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Usually responds within one day


Usually responds within one day