It's Complicated

Davina Blank

Gestalt Therapist, Stress Management Trainer, Business Psychologist (M.A.), Sports Psychologist (M.A.)

Online & Köln: Sessions for everyone who struggles with stress / anxiety / motivation, who suffers from self-doubt or feels lost about future plans.
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About me

"Don't push the river - it flows by itself." (Fritz Perls, founder of Gestalt therapy) is a very powerful sentence for me as a Gestalt therapist.
Until I found out that there is more than always keeping busy and so-called successful, I was driven by the idea of performance and achievement.
At the same time I could strongly feel that there must be more in life. Something that has started many years ago and has changed a lot: A deep and trustful connection to myself and my feelings. Something you can invite but you definitely can't push.

My work as a Sports psychologist (M.A.) and Business psychologist (M.A.) provides me a deep insight into our society and values. What I am experiencing is that many people haven't really learned how to manage their inner movements well. This is why they sometimes even fear to feel themselves.

And this is why "Don't push the river (...)" has such a strong meaning for my work. Nobody should be pushed to anywhere. When the setting is right and the therapist can provide an authentic and healthy contact in a trustful and safe space, the process may "flow by itself". Things show carefully up and the client sets the pace.

After my masters degrees I started a Gestalt therapy education which enriches my private practice a lot.

Since March 2023 I also work as a certified Stress management trainer.
Couples therapy

My approach

Offering sessions (online and in person) means to me: Giving you a save and trustful space for all the inner movements you are in contact with, encouraging you to be the experts about your feelings and emotions.
Gestalt therapy is a form of psychotherapy that is centered on increasing your awareness, freedom, and self-direction.
It also can have a body-oriented focus. My experience is that it may have a huge outcome to include impulses that come from our body and body language.

The first video call goes 30mins and costs 10€. It will be charged if a regular session will follow. A regular session (in person/online) goes 60mins, 80€. Don't hesitate to ask if you have questions about this.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Couples also welcome!

Where I practice

Qualifications and experience

2014_Bachelor Psychology from the University of Vienna 2016_Master Sports Psychology from the Business School Berlin BSP 2017_Master Economic Psychology from the Business School Berlin BSP 2019_Train the Trainer, further education 2021-today_Gestalt therapist in training 2023_Stress Management Trainer, further education
2012_Intern with the DFB national soccer team psychologist Hans-Dieter Hermann 2015_Observing training sessions and game analysis at Bayer 04 Leverkusen 2015_Internship abroad in New York City/Philadelphia/Washington D.C. 2015_Motivational Interviewing, training with Jonathan Fader (Sport psychologist New York Mets, Baseball) 2018-2020_Human resources manager at a start up company in Cologne 2021-today_Gestalt therapist in private practice
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location iconFromCologne
last activity iconLast active
session count icon150+ sessions on It's Complicated
Usually responds within one hour
Usually responds within one hour