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Inge Marchesini

Jungian Therapist and Licensed Psychologist

Jungian Therapist with 5+ years of experience in guiding patients through trauma, depression and grief. Fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish. I also offer a free 20min introductory session.
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About me

I'm a trained clinical Psychologist and Jungian Therapist from Brazil, with 5+ years of experience in my practice. I'm fluent in both English, Portuguese and Spanish, and offer counselling in these 3 languages. Formalities aside, hi. I'm Inge, it's nice to meet you. Thank you for stumbling upon my profile in the middle of a thousand others, I appreciate you taking your time to know a bit more about myself. I have to be honest though, I won't know how to solve all of your problems. If you came looking for answers, I might not be able to offer them. Therapy is a gruesome process where you often leave a session with more questions than when you started. It'll make you uncomfortable at certain times, wondering if you should even keep doing it - it's all part of the process. That's why I can't promise you the answers you seek, I may end up only giving you more questions. What I can promise however is that I will listen. I will offer you my empathy and do my best to make you feel safe and welcomed. With me, your thoughts and feelings will be honored. They'll be given the attention they not only need but deserve, even if the world says otherwise. During a therapy session with me, you'll be given a safe space to be who you are without any judgments. Nothing you say, feel, or express will be judged. There's already so much judgment going on in the world around you and even in your own head, we don't need more of that in therapy as well. To me, everything that makes you who you are matters. From the trauma you experienced as a child to your favorite current song, all of it matters and can be discussed in therapy if you wish to. There's no topic that's too silly or irrelevant to be spoken about. It's your space, you fill it however you wish to and I'll make sure that as long as you're with me in a session, you will feel safe. I can't promise you answers, but I can promise you this.
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
Crisis intervention
Dream analysis
Grief & Loss
Panic attacks

My approach

I have great experience and focused most of my career in dealing with topics such as: depression, suicidal ideation, anxiety, trauma, grief & more. I didn't necessarily choose these areas, I'd say they found me instead - just like how the Jungian theory found me and then I found myself and my practice in it. As a Jungian Therapist I'm fascinated by how our minds can translate the issues we're facing or have faced in the past into dreams, therefore I work frequently with dream analysis in my practice. You'll often hear me asking if you had any dreams that week, and if you did, to narrate them so that we can discuss it's elements during our sessions. Whenever I ask the ''dream question'', patients try to pick the most fantastic dream they had to tell me, and while they can be fun, I've come to realize that sometimes the most ordinary dreams we have can be the most meaningful. To me, no dream is too silly to be narrated in therapy and I'll listen to them all with the utmost care - whether you're slaying a dragon or simply making coffee in the afternoon. I often work with Art Therapy techniques which may involve asking for a drawing, a painting, a poem, and things of the sort depending on the patient. My main instrument of work however is to simply listen. In therapy, you'll be given a safe space to express yourself without any fear of judgment. It'll be a space where you can talk as much or as little as you want, about whatever topic you wish to discuss. It's a place where you can cry, laugh, curse and feel upset as much as you want, a place where all your feelings will be respected and honored. And when a difficult situation appears and you feel lost, we will work together as a team to figure things out. It's said that therapy is the place you go to become who you've always been. We can do that together. Don't you want to find it out?

Where I practice

Qualifications and experience

2016 - 2020: BA in Psychology, Unijorge/Brazil 2019: Coursework in Jungian Psychology - Psiquê 2020: Coursework in Online Therapy: From Applying Tests to Active Intervention 2020 - 2021: Postgraduate in Jungian Psychotherapy, Unijorge/BA
2021 - today: Online Jungian Therapy and Counselling 2018 - 2022: Clinical Psychotherapist at ISU – Instituto de Saúde Unijorge , Salvador, Brazil 2017 - 2021: Member of GES — Grupo de Estudos em Suicídio (Suicidal Behavior Study Group) 2018 - 2021: Founding Member of LAPA — Liga Acadêmica de Psicologia Analitica (Academic League of Jungian Psychology)
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  • €70 / session
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Usually responds within one day


Usually responds within one day