It's Complicated

Mariia Massaliutina

Psychoanalytic Psychologist and Psychotherapist

My work as a contemporary psychoanalytic psychologist and psychotherapist aims to help people to achieve better understanding of themselves and others in order to improve the quality of their life and relations.
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About me

I’m a counseling psychologist and psychotherapist, practicing in a contemporary psychoanalytic manner, working with adult individuals.
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Psychodynamic therapy

My approach

As a psychoanalytic psychotherapist I assume, that we don’t know ourselves completely. The hidden truth of our internal worlds influences our emotional life, decisions, behaviors, sometimes, in a very bizarre or even destructive way. Our psyche is complicated, but understanding of our unconscious motives, needs, wishes and conflicts could be the key to a more satisfactory and fulfilled life. I also assume, that the impact of relations on a personality is crucial - that is why the quality of relations, early and current, as well as relations with therapist, are becoming one of the primary focus in my work with patients. I focus on peculiarities of cultural and social context, providing a certain frame for a personality to develop. In the past 2 years i have gained a significant experience working with expats and immigrants, that confirms the importance of the influence of a sociocultural context and possible changes within this context on wellbeing of a person. In my work I rely on combination of both classical and modern psychoanalytic concepts and techniques, helping to provide a tailored approach to every single case. The important aspect to be aware of is that contemporary psychoanalytic approach is not about "therapist doing something to the patient", it is more about togetherness. Psychotherapeutic journey is not an easy one, but it’s worthy to undertake, if you’re a patriot of your own personality. So, get on board!

Where I practice

Qualifications and experience

2010 - Psychological counseling and diagnostics, retraining program, at the Institute of Practical Psychology, affiliate of the Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia ( 2014 - Specialist diploma (5 years) in Psychology (specialization in Clinical Psychology and Psychoanalysis) at the Eastern-European Institute of Psychoanalysis, Saint-Petersburg, Russia ( 2018 - Certificate, Two Year Interpersonal Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy program at The William Alanson White Institute of Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis & Psychology, New York, US ( 2022 - Diploma, Two Year Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Program, Object Relations Approach, at The International Psychotherapy Institute, Washington, US (
2017 - present Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and Counseling, Private Practice (currently online exclusively) 2016 - present Corporate Psychologist at "Neopharm" (pharmaceutical retail company), Moscow, Russia 2010 - 2017 Internship/Counseling Psychologist at the Moscow Services for Psychological Help, Moscow, Russia, (
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  • €85 / session
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Usually responds within one day