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Nora Ilniczky

Clinical Psychologist

I work with clients to identify ways in which they can effectively cope with life experiences, improve their interpersonal relationships, and increase their awareness through a strength/mindfulness based approach.
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About me

I am a clinical psychologist educated and trained in the US. Originally from Budapest, Hungary but raised mostly on the East Coast of the US. I moved to Heidelberg, Germany four years ago with my family. Having moved internationally a number of times in my life, I can both personally and professionally relate to the challenges of cultural and environmental transitions, and the multidimensional integration process that one is faced with as an expat.
CBT: Cognitive behavioral therapy

My approach

I very much value a collaborative effort in counseling, whereby you and I both bring our knowledge to the table. I as the clinician can bring my knowledge in psychological theories, applied practice and empathic holding, while you can bring your expertise on your history, life experiences, values, goals and hopes for the future. We can work together on identifying ways in which you can more effectively cope with your thoughts and feelings, improve your interpersonal relationships, and increase your awareness about how your life experiences may be influencing your current functioning. I am an active clinician; who will engage you on a personal level through attentive and thoughtful listening, in addition to focused questioning and interpretive comments. I also acknowledge and appreciate your strengths and resilience when facing challenging choices and circumstances in your life. Fundamentally my goal is to help empower you; by strengthening your internal resources, in order to help you move towards a more fulfilling life.

Where I practice

Qualifications and experience

I received my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 2006 from the University of Rochester, in NY. I completed my Predoctoral Internship at Yale Medical School / Waterbury Campus with a focus on Neuropsychology and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. My first Postdoctoral training was at McLean Hospital/ Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts. I then completed my second Postdoctoral Fellowship at Two Brattle Center an Intensive Outpatient Psychiatric Center also located i Boston, Massachusetts. Also obtained my psychology license in the state of Massachusetts.
Please see Education above. From 2006 until 2010, I worked as a Group Co-Coordinator and as an Individual Therapist at the Brookline Community Mental Health Center in Brookline, Massachusetts. I helped the clinic build up their DBT group psychotherapy program, and also worked with individual clients struggling with a variety of mental health concerns ranging from depression and anxiety to chronic PTSD. In 2007 I started my Private Practice in Cambridge Massachusetts, and worked there until I moved to Germany in 2016. In my practice I also worked with clients presenting with a variety of clinical concerns, including- depression, anxiety, attachment related disorders, addiction, and chronic PTSD. Since January 2017, I have had my Private Practice in Heidelberg, Germany with a similar clinical focus as described above. My clinical approach is primarily integrative drawing on a variety of techniques including CBT, DBT, Mindfulness, and insight oriented approaches. In addition recently I have been learning more about IFS therapy, and Sensorimotor therapy approaches to work with clients who struggle with PTSD.
Private Pay
  • €100 / session
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Usually responds within one day