It's Complicated

Amanda Teixeira Abade

Jungian Therapist, Art Therapist and Psychologist

Connecting to your truly self and understanding your symptoms.
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About me

A place of acceptance and free of judgments, in which we will see you with your own particularities. Together we will go deeper and understand more about yourself.

In therapy, I seek to assist in the rescue of what is your own essence, to live according to who you really are. Together, we will work to integrate unconscious aspects into consciousness and establish a balance between the internal and external world, analyzing symbolically the aspects of your life. For this, I like to propose the use of expressive techniques in session (dancing, paintings, mandalas, collage, drawings) and also dream analysis, rituals, meditation and active imagination. During this process, I will always be available to offer support and to help you with your most difficult situations.

Brazilian born with Portuguese family roots., licensed Psychologist in Swiss, graduated in Brazil, specialist and post-graduated in Jungian analysis. My training in Art Therapy was in France and I am a member of the European Federation of Art Therapy (EFAT). Member of the Brazilian Federal Council of Psychology, I also developed studies in Ayuverda Indian Medicine and Tantric Meditations, integrating the spirituality aspects of the human nature.

The therapy is a space where you can feel comfortable and accepted.

My personal and professional experiences gave me a unique and sensitive way to understand and guide the therapy process. As expat myself, with multicultural background and roots, I can provide a significant comprehension with expatriates, international workers and students and distant relationships.

In my personal life, I love traveling, discovering different cultures, yoga, meditating, reading, painting and drawing. I have a depth connection with dogs, the water, the sky and the fire. I see myself as a eternal apprentice.
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My approach

I understand that if you arrived here, it is because it is exactly where you need to be. Exactly the step you need to take and the process you need to begin. Our truth comes from our hearts, so all we have to do is start listening it, without fears nor with our traumas that blocks us. I see myself more than just a psychologist. I see myself as a unique human being. And so are you. And because of this, I won't ask you to limit yourself to what you learned to be or what you carry as baggage. Together we will understand who you are deeply inside you, letting go of everything that is a weight for your life. You don't need to carry expectations, anxiety, pain, traumas or fears.

Based on Jung's work, we will see the symbols presents in your life, which can be found in our dreams, expressions, draws, mandalas, collage, thoughts and also in somatizations ( physical symptoms from psychological orders).

To do this journey, we will develop a confidence space where you will tell me about your life, your story, your discomforts and we will understand how you feel with each part of yourself. The invitation is to get in contact with your feelings and express yourself.

Where I practice

Qualifications and experience

Patricia Reis Sampaio Institute (Rio de Janeiro/ Brazil) •Ayurveda Therapist University of ESSEX (London/ England) •Pre Master Course in Jungian Approach PUC- Pontifícia Universidade Católica (São Paulo/ Brazil) •Specialization and Post Graduation in Jungian Approach CERFPA (Saint-Laurent-Du-Var / France) •Art Thérapeute (Art therapist) Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie (São Paulo/ Brazil) •Psychology Bachelor UNIBO- Università di Bologna (Bologna / Italy) •Master Psychology - Erasmus
2021- Today: Art Therapist with private practice 2019- Today: Online Clinical Psychologist 2018- Today: Clinical Psychologist with private practice 2015- 2020: Educational Psychologist at a private school in São Paulo 2018- 2019: CDHIC: Immigrants psychological support 2018- 2019: Conselho Tutelar: Child and teenager psychological support 2017: AMA (Associação Amigos dos Autistas) Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) psychological support 2016: Rehab Clinic in São Paulo
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location iconFromLausanne
last activity iconLast active
session count icon450+ sessions on It's Complicated
Usually responds within one day


Usually responds within one day