It's Complicated

Maria Dantas Martins

Clinical Psychologist, Psychoanalyst in Formation

Counselling, Psychotherapy, or Psychoanalysis, can transform perception of ourselves, opening space for new understandings. It can help change and dispel suffering and doubts, placing the person in a better position.
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About me

In the United Kingdom, where I have been living since 2003, I have developed my studies in Maternity Practitioner, Children’s Psychology, Paediatrics, Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis, and Narrative Counselling. I have been reading Lacan since 2011, attending Seminars and participating in Cartel groups ever since. I work privately on-line. Talking can help.
Academic or educational problems
Adjustment disorders
Sleep disorders
Social anxiety

My approach

I offer psychoanalysis (Lacanian approach), psychotherapy, and counselling, focusing on listen to you. I can offer help with: Stress, depression, anxiety, doubts, solitude, eating disorders, relationships, work issues, bereavement, difficulties with your baby, problems with children, teenager issues, parent support. Sessions can be in English, Portuguese, or Spanish. I work with all age groups. Training qualifications: • Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy (OC). • Narrative Counselling (OC) • Children Psychology (OC) • Psychiatric Studies (OC) • Accredited by the SFTR-National UK Therapists

Where I practice

Qualifications and experience

School of Freudian Letter - London - 2016-2021 Jean-Gerard Burnsztein Seminars at Philadelphia Association (UK) - 2016-2017 Maison Vert - London- (Child Working Group) - 2016-2017 CFAR - Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research - 2012-2017 OPEN COLLEGE (UK): • Diploma in Child Psychology • Diploma in Psychiatric Studies • Diploma in Paediatrics Studies • Diploma in Narrative Counselling • Diploma in Psychotherapy • Diploma in Psychoanalysis MATERNITY NANNY TRAINING QUALIFICATIONS AND OTHER CERTIFICATES (UK): • Child-Nutrition Course – with Judy More BSc. RD RNutr. (Sept. 2014). • MNT - Maternity Practitioner Award Course - MNT. Training OCN (10/Feb/2010) .• MNT OCN OTC Baby Care – MNT. Training OCN (2009). HIGHER EDUCATION (UNIVERSITY): • Master’s Degree in Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art - University of Lisbon. (UK’s NARIC entity equivalence obtained) • BA (Hons) in History, History of Art - University of Lisbon. (UK’s NARIC entity equivalence obtained). • High School - Portugal – 1973-1979. (UK’s NARIC entity equivalence obtained).
I would enhance my knowledge and understanding about children’s different stages of development and psychology behind the phases. Emotional issues, anxieties or other psychological difficulties are part of my professional preparation and skill. Difficulties can often be resolved with an early attention, care and intervention. Organise different activities, plays, stories, different levels of conversation and the ability to listen to a child or any other is of great value and important tool to help and be part of life. Also supporting parents and families. Psychoanalysis-Training at "Maison Verte" in London As a volunteer - 2016-2017 Maison Verte is a place for children and parents where they can naturally discover and encounter their own desires. It is a place where children and parents can let their being flourish without a command or bias. Children can be themselves, playing, talking, running, drawing freely and expurgating their emotions. At Maison Verte, parents with their children, have a place to be themselves, interacting or resting, playing, talking or be in silence. The volunteer observes and participates with the children and with the parents. The process also goes along with other volunteers and with senior psychoanalysts. One has the opportunity to read the bodies’ reaction, expressions and intervene when necessary. The intervention could allow diminishing a moment of tension, reducing anguish and helping with any cathartic moment. Each saying may open a window for a new way of being in the world, a new view and recognition. An early intervention, closer to the origin of the problem may create a change, often a surprising resolution of the issue. Intervention through talking, play, drawing has an effect, expurgating emotions, pacifying the individual. The discoveries create new ways to deal with difficulties and doubts.
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  • €50 / session
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Usually responds within one day
Usually responds within one day