Irina Furman

Irina Furman


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75 € / session

Irina Furman

Psychologist in Munich

Offering consultations to give you ground, treat pain and suffering, live rich experiences and find ways to self express. Working with wide range of psychological, social and emotional problems in Munich or online.

Theresienstraße 148 80333 Munich Theresienstraße 148 80333 Munich

About Irina

Having originally trained as social psychologist in University of Moscow and in Gestalt approach in Russia and Europe, I explored working with individuals: in families and groups.

I studied meteorology and climatology at the first place, did marketing in small and big companies, and finally I ended up with psychology – my second passion, degree and career for the last 10 years.

For the last 3 years I’m leaving abroad: from Russia (Moscow) moved to Brazil and then Germany (Munich). I experienced immigration quite differently each time. I could help you with integrity and finding your authentic voice by being aware of the point in the middle: between anxiety and calmness, disappointment and novelty, solitude and curiosity. This gives balance, peace, harmony and grounded state of mind. With experience in psychology it is easier and more effective.

My Approach

My work looks like a dialogue with some experiments which we create together in a proper moment. But still it is more than just a dialogue. Because what happens on the session after a client starts to speak, I respond and reflect. With each word, move of body, face or even blink of eyes of the client I experience the relationship in between us. (Actually everyone does, but as psychologist I am doing it consciously and I can speak about it and use in a process for the good of a client). In the end, we share this experience.

Of course, there is one part which I know well, like theory, method and technics to work, but another part comes from uncertainty and spontaneity which helps us to create an unique environment to work in and with. This is how we bring us to fully presence and awareness and to paradigm «here and now». But of course, it also means working with the past which matters today.

It is quite rich for psychological help because it shows old patterns and «frozen» forms like reactions, thoughts, fixations, and of course also strong side of personality which can become a good resource and feeding for change and good solutions.

So I use Gestalt approach which helps to find the «right» forms to express yourself. It helps to re-create and transform the old patterns to the «modern», where you can see the situations in a different perspective and interfere with society without feeling blocked in that points.

I value spontaneity, but the conscious one: which looks very much in a line with person, people around and current situation.

Psychology sessions, which I do, help my clients to find themselves with their uniqueness and their own way of being. You can learn with me how to be different and yourself at the same time in this diverse world.

Qualifications and Experience


Psychopathology training in Istituto di Gestalt HCC Italy - ongoing
Supervisor in gestalt-therapy in Moscow Institute of Gestalt-therapy and Consultancy - ongoing
Specialised and trained to work with co-addicted relations in Moscow Institute of Gestalt-therapy and Consultancy
Specialist in social psychology; RGGU, Psychological Institute of Lev Vygotsky
Specialist in Meteorology and Climatology; MSU (Moscow State University of Lomonosov)

Participated in world-wide seminars on topics
– Love Relations. Normality and Pathology (Otto Kernberg – USA)
– Will and Diagnostics in Gestalt therapy (Bertram Müller – Germany)
– Intimacy and relationships (Michael Vincent Miller – USA)
– Psychosomatic (Oleg Nemirimsky – Russia)
– System family psychology and therapy (Elena Burtceva – Russia)


Private psychological Counselling in Munich, Germany
Experienced to work for Moscow Service of Psychological Assistance to the Population (Russian governmental institution) to attend individuals, families, children
Private practice as Gestalt therapist in Moscow, Russia


English, Russian


Private Pay