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Dr. Anja Peleikis

Couple Therapist and Trauma Therapist (HPG)

I support couples and individuals in times of distress, conflict and crisis to foster personal growth, development and compassionate relationships. A nonjudgmental and empathic stance leads my work.
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About me

I am dedicated to couple and trauma therapy and believe that “we are hurt in relationship and we can heal in relationship”. I think that developing and growing personally within a love relationship is one of the most challenging tasks in life but also the most rewarding. Improving our relationships contributes at the same time to our individual well-being – emotionally and bodily. Enabling peace and secure attachment within a couple enables peace within families, communities and the broader society. We need it so much. I have studied EFT (for couples, individuals and families) during various trainings in Germany and Northern America (online). Just as important I personally experienced EFT together with my husband of 20 years. Self-awareness, -growth and -empathy as well as supervision and peer consulting are essential to me as a precondition in supporting and accompanying others.
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Couples therapy
EFT: Emotionally focused therapy

My approach

As a part of the global Emotionally Focused Therapy network I am committed to support couples, individuals and families in times of distress, conflict and crisis to develop secure and trusting relationships. From an EFT point of view we human beings need secure attachment as a basic need. However, we often aren’t used to formulate and express our needs in ways that partners and others can hear it properly. This can lead into a negative cycle of misunderstanding and miscommunication. I will support you in identifying your negative cycle and stepping out of it; experiencing new ways of deeper connections to yourself and to your partner. In this process painful wounds of life – attachment trauma, rejections and discrimination experiences – can heal through the power of love, empathy and corrective attachment experiences. I combine EFT approaches with therapeutic approaches from trauma therapy, above all I work with Brainspotting (David Grand). I welcome individuals, couples and families from broad socio-cultural, migrant and refugees backgrounds living in the Berlin/Potsdam area and beyond. My background as a social anthropologist who has lived in Brazil, Western Africa, in the Middle East and Eastern Europe has taught me to honour and respect differences and highlighten key universals as emotion and attachment needs.

Where I practice

Qualifications and experience

EFT Core Skills Training, Dimitrij Samoilow and Christine Weiß EFT Externship, Dimitrij Samoilow and Christine Weiß EFIT 1, EFT with individuals, with Lorrie Brubacher, online EFT and Trauma – Healing Shattered Attachment, Dr. Silvina Irwin und Michael Barnett, online EFT and Sexuality – with Zoya Simakhodskaya, Ph.D., online-Training Brainspotting (BSP), according to David Grand, traumatherapy, Phase One, Dipl.-Psych. Gerhard Wolfrum, München Traumatherapy, SEI® (Somatische Emotionale Integration), with Dami Charf, Göttingen Traumatherapy, Integrale Somatische Psychologie (ISP), with Dr. Raja Selvam, Modul 1 Certified Trainer for Non-Violent Communication, according to Marshall Rosenberg (CNVC) Kundalini Yoga teacher (level 1 and 2) Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie, Gesundheitsamt Potsdam PhD in Social Anthropology, research in West Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe; research topics: trauma, locality and memory in postwar societies, gender relations
I am the owner and head of SEVA – Center for Therapy, Training and Yoga in Potsdam Babelsberg. ( Our Center is based in the green and calm outskirts of Berlin and easy to reach via public services (S-Bahn). We offer Psychotherapy and Counseling for couples, individuals, families and groups, Non-Violent Communication, Physiotherapy, Kundalini Yoga and Gong Bath Sessions. As a social anthropologist I conducted research on trauma, memory politics and gender relations in various socio-cultural contexts (in Lebanon, Westafrica - Guine-Bissau and Cote d’Ivoire - and Eastern Europe – Lithuania). I have learnt that human beings all over the world share the same emotions and needs while expressing them in a broad variety of socio-cultural ways. All are welcome here.
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Usually responds within one day