It's Complicated

Caroline Rosa

ACT Therapist/ Brazilian Portuguese and English Speaking

As a Latin-American living in Rotterdam/Netherlands, I intend to guide other immigrants to live a life full of meaning and joy abroad, even with all the challenges that might happen.
  • €60 / session
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About me

Hi! I'm a specialist in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Beyond that, I've always been involved in social causes, fighting for students' rights, Anti-Asylum Movement, and Intersectional feminism.

I was born in São Paulo and have lived in Europe for about five years. I've lived in Portugal for two years and then moved to Rotterdam, Netherlands. Furthermore, I had a meaningful and challenging journey these past five years, learning how to connect with my new place and face cultural shock and discrimination. Now, my work focuses on helping immigrants going through the same journey as I lived. You're not alone, and you do not have to deal with the whole changing process by yourself :)

Besides, I'm a big music fan, I'm obsessed with ducks and dogs, and my favorite hobby is photographing nature and beautiful settings.
ACT: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Online therapy
Sexual abuse
Female empowerment

My approach

Acceptance and Commitment therapy aims to build a meaningful life according to each individual's values. The word acceptance does not refer to accepting degrading situations in any way but accepting our unpleasant emotions and thoughts in our path to follow our dreams and goals. Commitment refers to having attitudes that bring us closer to this life with more meaning.

ACT can be a great ally in the process of changing and adapting to a new country, precisely because of its nature of connecting with the values ​​behind our choices.

Sessions with me are in Portuguese (native) or English.

Where I practice

Qualifications and experience

- Bachelor in Psychology - Brazil - Post-graduate in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
3+ years private practice 2 years clinical school internship 16 months specialized training in ACT
Private Pay
  • €60 / session
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Usually responds within three days
Usually responds within three days