Sophie Buch

Sophie Buch

Clinical psychologist and therapist

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100 € / session

Sophie Buch

Clinical psychologist and therapist in Silkeborg

Key words to my therapeutic work are openness, sincerity, authenticity, depth, intensity, and presence. My passion is the genuine connection created when we curiously investigate existence and suffering together.

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About Sophie

I believe one of the most important things in the psychological well-being is the relationships we find ourselves in. That is, the relationships to others, nature, the universe, ourselves, our bodies. All of these need curiousity and nourishment. This defines very much the essence and ambience of who I am as a person, both privately and professionally. A fascination for me is the depth of emotion we are able to experience and I spend a lot of time also personally investigating and expressing this through writing, painting and talking (to myself and others).

Therapeutically I'm driven by that unique space created in the here-and-now where empathy allows vulnerability to unfold. Long, it has been an interest for me to figure out, how this space is created in an online setting, how empathy, presence and the relationship between therapist and client is formed, maintained and grows in the online realm. A dream of mine is to help develop text based therapy options and spread the availability of online therapy, because I believe that the online sphere offers us unique possibilities for interacting, connecting and relating.

On a last more personal note, I have a deep love for long walks and audio books, crying during emotional movies, deep conversations about love and pain, and diary writing on rainy days. Just like all other humans I do also find myself staring into the wall or screaming into a pillow some days, as well as I've had some extremely low lows throughout my life involving depression, suicidal thoughts, self-harm, disturbed eating, and the typical aftermath of a violent romantic relationship. I use myself a lot in therapy and have the experience that sharing some of my own vulnerability and pain sometimes broadens that delicate space of vulnerability and relatability.

My Approach

I'm very inspired by therapeutic approaches such as ACT and DBT, because the theoretic foundations of these resonate with my own emotional and psychological experience of existing. Furthermore they both allow a certain degree of empathic humor to enter the therapeutic room, which shows itself healing again and again. Life is painful, suffering seems an inevitable condition, and therefore I believe in the healing power of here-and-now presence, relating to others, and a self-compassionate understanding and insight to the eternal WHY. This moves into the areas of different therapeutic approaches such as existential paradigms. I find much meaning in using this type of approach as well, just like I have always viewed the human psyche from a psychodynamic perspective. This all leads to quite colorful and nuanced therapy that flows in the direction that resonates best in the here-and-now between the person I'm with in that therapeutic space.

Qualifications and Experience


2020 Cand.Psych./MSc in Psychology from Aarhus University. Masters thesis about psychological dynamics of online-radicalization. Internship with the forensic psychiatric unit (retspsykiatrisk afdeling).
2019 Erasmus semester at Sheffield Hallam University with classes in Forensic Psychology, Positive Psychology, Psychotherapy.
2017 Bachelors in Psychology. Bachelors thesis about the correlation between attachment styles and conflict style in romantic relationships.


2021 - now, clinical psychologist with Teladoc Health, offering online therapy to clients with stress conditions, depression, distress, life crisis, relational issues, worries, anxiety, grief, among others.
2021 - now, consultant at Center for Digital Pædagogik, support writer.
2020 - 2021, teacher of psychology at EUX Aarhus Business College.
2020 - 2021, volunteer psychologist with Aarhus Care offering free therapy for citizens over the age of 30.
2020 - 2021, teacher of psychology at StudieAkademiet.
2020, intern at the forensic psychiatric unit, brief therapy encounters, mental observations, rapport writing.
2020, support mentor of students with special needs, Aarhus University.
2020, moderator/student teacher of the bachelors class organizational psychology.
2016 - 2020, coordinator of volunteers at Center for Digital Pædagogik. Supporting and supervising volunteer online counsellors.
2016 - 2020, counsellor at Center for Digital Pædagogik platforms.
2017 - 2018, student assistent in development of new counselling platforms at Center for Digital Pædagogik.
2016 - 2020, support person for family with a child with special needs.


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