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Indre Brinkyte

Psychologist (MSc. Clinical Psychology)

I'm a empathetic psychologist. I provide a safe and understanding place to help people overcome challenges&find ways to live their best lives.I use my extensive knowledge and experience to guide you through this process!
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About me feel free to check my site! IN PERSON SESSIONS next to EINDHOVEN & ONLINE sessions Whatever the reason may be, reaching out for help can feel scary and difficult. Recognizing that you can benefit from sessions at psychologist is already a significant step towards improving your mental health. Therefore, I am glad that you have taken the courageous step to seek support! I want to reassure you that problems and difficulties are natural and common parts of life, more common than you think. Thus, I am sure you are not alone in this experience. On the contrary, negative experiences can serve as signals, motivating you to seek ways to improve yourseld and foster personal growth. Achieving meaningful changes in your life requires dedication, motivation, and access to relevant information. This can feel difficult to achieve alone. With qualified psychologist this process can be easier. I am Indre, an English and Lithuanian-speaking psychologist from Lithuania, residing in the Netherlands. As a therapist, I am empathetic, warm, and positive, always striving to provide the best possible service. I have a genuine fascination with the life stories, experiences, and inner worlds of each individual, and I derive deep satisfaction from making a positive impact on people's well-being. I have dedicated 7 years to obtaining a full-time education in psychology. Additionally, I have been providing psychological support to individuals in navigating difficult circumstances for over 8 years. This includes working with individuals at high risk of suicide, conducting individual and group therapy sessions, as well as facilitating psychoeducation sessions within psychiatric hospitals. I have also worked with clients dealing with relationship difficulties, addiction, severe depression, ADHD, psychosis, loss, anxiety disorders, burnout, complex PTSD, and personality disorders.
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Cognitive Behavioral therapy Solution-focused therapy Acceptance and commitment therapy Schema therapy Humanistic therapy Positive psychology Emotion-focused therapy You might be wondering about the multitude of therapeutic approaches out there. My goal is to provide the best possible support tailored to each individual's unique needs by combining elements from different approaches. I believe that there is no one fit all solution. We will cater the therapy based on your individual needs and situation- your unique environment, social, cultural, medical, and psychological background, and preferences! Collaboratively, I will seek to use my knowledge as psychologist in helping you to find the approach which strives your interest, and motivation to apply even outside the therapy room! My approach to therapy is rooted in integrative and person-centered principles. Meaning that I will try to provide you with plaform where you can feel understood, accepted and empowered with which we can explore the best way towards the future you want to create. I place a strong emphasis on evidence-based therapy, I prioritize staying current with the latest research findings and integrating well-tested approaches and techniques. My unwavering dedication is to provide therapy of exceptional quality, free from any placebo effects. I support of innovative out-of-the-box Interventions. For example, I employ exposure therapy, accompanying clients to different locations to help them overcome their fears; utilize role-playing techniques, where we assume different roles to simulate real-life scenarios and develop understanding or find solutions; or etc.

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2022 MSc Clinical Psychology, Leiden University, Netherlands 2020 BSc Psychology, Leiden University, Netherlands Trainings and seminars: Systemic Family Counseling | Mindfulness Training | LGBT Counseling, Support, Inclusion, and Understanding Discrimination | Crisis Intervention Training | Intensive Emotional Training Course (Active Listening) | Bullying Prevention | Loss and Bereavement | Various Training Courses on Emotions and Emotional Intelligence Supporting Children from At-Risk Families | Helping Clients with Aggression and Emotion Regulation Difficulties | Existential and Humanistic Therapy Workshop | Psycho-dynamic Therapy Workshop | Positive Psychology and more
2014 - outgoing Providing emotional support in emotional helpline, to individuals facing various difficulties, such as relationship challenges, suicidal ideation, self-harm, bullying, self-image concerns, loss, mood disorders, addiction, and more. 2015 - outgoing Engaging in diverse work with children, adolescents, and families, which encompasses providing support to children from at-risk families, offering mentoring, and assisting in the attainment of various social, emotional, or cognitive goals. Jun - Nov 2022 Psycho-diagnostics, individual and group treatment sessions for a diverse patients' population (depression, psychosis, anxiety, psychosomatic symptoms, personality disorders) as well as psycho-educational group activities.
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  • €75 / session
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Usually responds within one hour