Frequently Asked Questions

New subscription plan announcements

In this article, we discuss the launch of our new subscription plans and updates to our subscription pricing, and what this means for you as a member of our community. We also seek to address questions we've received so far after announcing the launch of new plans.


What subscription plans will be available, and what are the benefits and price of each plan?

Going forward, we will offer three subscription plans: Office, Essential, and Premium. Essential will be the new name for what was formerly called our "Basic" plan and current subscribers will be grandfathered into the Essential plan at their current subscription prices, meaning no price increase for historical subscribers. Only the Essential and Premium plans will include access to the It's Complicated therapist directory, meaning if you subscribe to the Office plan, you won't show up in any searches within the platform. Office plan members will only have access to practice management tools, such as video, invoicing, and the calendar / booking system. More detail on the benefits and prices of each plan are provided in the table below:

FeaturesOffice PlanEssential PlanPremium Plan

SEO optimised online profile
Listing in the therapist search directory
Prioritised ranking in therapist directory

Therapist profile introduction video (in Beta)


Unlimited secure video callsXXX
Calendar / booking system
Secure client messaging
Secure note taking
Invoicing / billing system
Profile traffic statistics

Full community accessXXX

Limited time, monthly pricing-39.90 / month
59.90 / month
Limited time, annual pricing (billed yearly)-29.90 / month49.90 / month

Monthly pricing29.90 / month49.90 / month69.90 / month
Annual pricing (billed yearly)19.90 / month39.90 / month59.90 / month

Invoicing fees only when invoicing via the platform:

New client invoicing fee3.5%
(Stripe processing fee)
(Stripe processing fee)
Existing / repeat client invoicing fee3.5%
(Stripe processing fee)

(Stripe processing fee)

What happens if I don't want to change my plan?

For those that wish to keep their current subscription benefits and stay on the Essential plan, no action is required from you. As long as you maintain your current subscription, you will keep paying the same price as you currently do. 

How is ranking in the It's Complicated directory determined?

Each therapist listed in the It's Complicated directory gets a visibility score that is assigned to them at the beginning of an individual client search session and used when determining ranking on client search results. This score is composed of two components. The first component is a financial contribution value that equals the sum of the therapist's subscription contribution plus invoicing fee contribution. Please note that the maximum financial contribution value a therapist can earn is capped at the price of the Premium plan. The second component is a randomly generated value that is added to the financial contribution value. In effect, members that are subscribing to the Premium plan will have a higher visibility score on average compared to members in the Essential plan, and members that are on the same plan will have the same visibility as one another.

Because the financial contribution value also takes into consideration invoicing fees, members on the Essential plan can have up to the same visibility as those in Premium by contributing via invoicing usage, allowing them additional flexibility in how they can make themselves more visible in client search results. For more information on how to improve your visibility, please refer to our FAQ here.

What is the difference between "SEO optimised profile" and "Listing in therapist directory"?

An SEO optimised profile means you have a profile that is indexed by search engines and optimised to show up in organic search results based on info and keywords in your profile. Listing in the It's Complicated directory means you are listed in our therapist search directory and will appear in client search results during searches in the directory.