Arwa Rangwala

Arwa Rangwala

CBT Therapist, Psychological Counsellor and Coach

90 € / session

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90 € / session

Arwa Rangwala

CBT Therapist, Psychological Counsellor and Coach in Amsterdam

An English speaking expat in Amsterdam, working as a counsellor - coach and somatic therapist specializing in grief, loss and life transitions. I am trauma informed.
Stand up comedian on some nights

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About Arwa

I am a psychologist & social scientist , interested in studying adult human behavior and how adults develop through life transitions, grief, loss and existential issues.

I use different theory and research based findings, from interrelated fields of academia - anthropology, existential psychology, social psychology, somatic psychology, psycho analytics, humanistic fields of psychology, criminology, thanatology, theology, neuroscience, and physiology to inform my practice.

I apply the above findings to different modalities that I am trained in like person centered process coaching, grief counseling, existential coaching, Yoga Therapy, somatic coaching and positive psychology interventions

I grew up in the Middle East (Dubai) have lived in three continents, speak five languages, am a single mother, a stand up Comedian, divorced and personally been through major life transitions.

My Approach

I use a whole person, culture sensitive approach with my clients - the mind, body and spirit connection and integrate different person centered, humanistic coaching and counselling modalities from my skill set and training.

This means that as a coach, I also include somatic principles in coaching, focusing (felt sense), existential coaching, mindfulness based interventions and positive psychology interventions to facilitate the client in creating the change they would like. My approach is processed focused, which means that we process whatever is coming up for the client, so that the client can get a deeper awareness into where they are, where they would like to go and how they can begin to move in that direction.
Benefits from coaching:
Clarity in decision making
Increased focus and motivation
Deeper insight into the bigger whys
Deeper understanding into your core values and needs
Awareness into limiting beliefs
Mindsets that support you in creating the life you want
Visioning to be able to create a life you want
Action steps towards your goals

As a grief counsellor, I integrate talk based cognitive approaches, movement based somatic approaches and mindfulness based approaches to process emotions and put them in perspective so that the client can find a sense of acceptance, make sense of the varied and conflicting whirlpool of emotions, integrate the loss in the broader narrative of their lives so that they can create a new normal.
I use yoga therapy approaches for fatigue, stress, broken heart syndrome, lack of sleep, anxiety, situational depression, hormonal issues and for strengthening the immune system
I use humor with my clients.
How I work
If you would like to work with me you can cook a free 20 minute introductory call to see if we are a good fit and in that I can briefly explain how we will work and how the sessions will benefit you.
The first session after that is a full verbal intake which lasts from 60 to 70 minutes.

Qualifications And Experience


2005 - BA Psychology from Southern New Hampshire University, USA
2017- MA in Criminology with an emphasis in Social Psychology from Utrecht University, Netherlands
2020 - PhD developmental psychology from Lesley University, USA
2017 - Immersion year in Arabic and linguistics from Leiden University, Netherlands
2019- Certificate in Thanatology - grief counseling, AIHCP
2018 - Certified Coach - ACC (ICF)
Registered Yoga teacher (RYT)
Yoga Therapist (in training)
Logo therapist
Grief recovery method specialist

Additional Courses in:
Trauma sensitive coaching
Somatic coaching
Use of narratives in coaching
Mindfulness based coaching
Coaching using the Big 5
Jordan Peterson: Discovering Personality
Coaching from a developmental perspective
Religion and Philosophy
Jungian archetypes


In private practice for coaching, counselling and yoga therapy since 2018.
Yoga of Life,
Amsterdam, NL


Arabic, English, Hindi


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