Himani Shah

Himani Shah

Psychodynamic therapist

85 € / session

55 € / Student rate

I am accepting clients for online therapy within Europe, Asia, and Africa.

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85 € / session

Himani Shah

Psychodynamic therapist in Antwerp

I provide talking therapy, in English, to individuals wanting to understand themselves more fully. Upon understanding your internal world, we improve your external world, allowing you to reach your inner potential.

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About Himani

I am a professionally qualified Psychodynamic Psychotherapist with a background in psychoanalysis. I have an international background, having lived, trained and worked in various countries. I have an appreciation for individuals and their unique backgrounds. I have extensive experience working in the corporate and in the Expat worlds.

I strongly believe all concerns lead to your internal world via various routes, and therefore I welcome any concerns. Sometimes, all you have is a feeling about embarking on a therapeutic journey without any specific reason - that is okay too.

I provide a safe and confidential environment for us to explore together what might be going on for you and for us to help you understand yourself better.

I have experience working online and in-practice, allowing you to choose what might be more comfortable for you.

My Approach

I provide a safe and confidential space for you to talk freely about anything that comes to mind and what you may feel like. Together, over time, we will make meaning of it all -helping you understand yourself more fully.

This process takes time and is an individual journey. Therefore, it is an open-ended therapy, which means that you will decide the ending. I would recommend for us to have a few weeks notice to work towards an ending.

Qualifications And Experience


Sep 2019 WPF Therapy, Postgraduate Diploma in Psychodynamic Theory & Practice, London, U.K.

Jun 2013 British Psychological Society, Certificate in CBT

July 2012 WPF Therapy, Introduction to Counselling and Psychotherapy

July 2011 Institute of Psychoanalysis, Foundation Course

Sep 2010 University College London, MSc Theoretical Psychoanalytic Studies

June 2009 University of Warwick, BSc Psychology


Since Sep 2019 in Private Practice as Psychodynamic Psychotherapist

Nov 2012 Unlimited Potentials, Mumbai: Assistant Psychologist

July 2011 Royal Free Hospital: Honorary Observer Placement

Aug 2010 – Aug 2012 SANROSE Foundation, Antwerp, Mumbai, Surat: Member of Board as mental health consultant


English, Gujarati, Hindi


Private Pay