Mikko Karhulahti

Mikko Karhulahti

Clinical Psychologist / Gestalt therapist

95 € / session

90 € / online session (45min)

75 € / students/unemployed/low-income (45min)

70 € / online - students/unemployed/low-income (45min)

120 € / coaching session for leaders & managers (45min)

110 € / online coaching session (45min)

120 € / couples session (50min)

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*** My practice is currently full. Next availability in autumn 2021. No public/private insurances - only private payment. ***

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The therapists timezone is Europe/Berlin

95 € / session

Mikko Karhulahti

Clinical Psychologist / Gestalt therapist in Berlin

I’m specialized in attachment theory and relationships. Counselling, consultations and coaching for individuals, couples and groups in English and Finnish.

Mittelweg 50 12053 Berlin Mittelweg 50 12053 Berlin

About Mikko

I have lived most of my adult life abroad. Therefore, I have personally witnessed the many challenges and troubles related to the life of an expat. I have studied in a variety of countries in Europe acquiring a culturally sensitive mindset which I aspire to incorporate into my practice. I have experience working with people of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds. I did my clinical psychologist work placement in a closed prison, where I worked with inmates. I'm passionate about music, gaming and the research of altered states of consciousness + psychedelic integration therapy.

My Approach

I believe all 'maladaptive behaviors', whether manifested in one's life through stress, isolation, addiction, depression, anxiety or various 'disorders' (eg. personality or eating disorders), are merely creative adjustments to one's environment. In my work, the goal is to become aware of these patterns and behaviors, how they emerge in the relational field in the present moment. I have several concepts of interest in addition to attachment, such as identity/self and gender, creativity/self-expression, self-confidence and sexuality.

Qualifications And Experience


2014-2018 Training and certificate in Gestalt psychotherapy at Gestalt Institute of Scandinavia in Denmark

2015-2017 Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology at University of Leiden in the Netherlands

2014-2015 Master studies in Psychology at University of Copenhagen in Denmark

2013-2014 Master of Science Research in Cognition and Behavior at University of Barcelona in Spain

2015 Master of Science in Economic Sociology at University of Turku in Finland

2013 Bachelor of Science in Economic Sociology at University of Turku in Finland


2018-today Clinical psychologist & Gestalt therapist at Mittelweg 50 in Berlin

2017-2018 Clinical psychologist & Gestalt therapist at private practice in Paris

2016-2017 Prison psychologist at Riihimäki prison in Finland

2015 Voluntary worker at the Finnish Red Cross at Emergency Youth Shelter in Turku, Finland


English, Finnish


Private Pay