Jammie Martin

Jammie Martin

Clinical Transpersonal Psychotherapist

95 € / session

Offers Online Sessions


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The therapists timezone is Europe/Berlin

95 € / session

Jammie Martin

Clinical Transpersonal Psychotherapist in Berlin

As an English-speaking Transpersonal Psychotherapist, I take an integrative, present-centered, mind-body, relational approach to support you in restoring a sense of joy, self-worth, and belonging.

About Jammie

I am a Psychotherapist trained at Naropa University in Colorado US. I hold a Masters in Mindfulness-based Transpersonal Psychology. I am Level 1 PACT trained Couples Counselor and incorporate the psycho-biological approach when working with individuals interested in exploring their relationships whether on an individual level or with couples.

Currently offering online sessions in the US, Europe, and the UK, through a secure platform.

I do not have any open slots for couples at the moment. However, I do have slots for individuals.

Website: https://www.jammiemartincounseling.com/

My Approach

Many times life experiences can cause us to feel the weight of the world on our shoulders. I appreciate supporting people in exploring the potential for softening, surrendering, and finding a balance that allows for a more integrated and present involvement in life. I believe our experiences, while painful at times, can be catalysts for growth, awakened perspectives (interrupting patterns), expansion, and harmony. Coming from a place of compassion, I honor every individual's capacity to harness a sense of belonging, acceptance and feeling worthy, that may give space for more joy-filled, connected moments.

Working with individuals, couples and groups, I take an integrative and relational approach to counseling, incorporating Gestalt, Trauma-Informed Care, Present-Centered Awareness, Attachment-Based Therapy, Existential Therapy, Body-Centered Awareness, and Mindfulness Practice. Sessions take place in a way that best fits each person, unique to their needs and preferences. Since trauma is often stored in the body, I take an approach that involves both body-awareness and one’s mental-emotional experience of the trauma. I also focus on proper pacing and resourcing as to support individuals in feeling safe and regulated during sessions.

I respect the therapeutic relationship and basic goodness we all hold. I have a commitment to social-justice, inclusivity, and community support. I am knowledgeable working with individuals in polyamorous/non-monogomous/monogomous relationships and am a Kink Aware Professional.

Qualifications And Experience


2020 Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Naropa University Colorado, US

2021 Level 1 PACT Trained Couples/Relationship Therapist


2019-2020 Clinical Mental Health Counselor at Naropa Community Counseling Center (Colorado, US)

2020-today Clinical Mental Health Counselor at Jammie Martin Counseling (Europe and US)

2020-today Clinical Mental Health Counselor at Integrating Insights (Colorado, US)

2020-today Clinical Mental Health Counselor at Thrive Psychotherapy Services (Colorado, US)




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