Mia Szymanski

Mia Szymanski


50 € / session

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50 € / session

Mia Szymanski

Counsellor in Berlin

As a psychological counsellor, I aim at creating a safe and accepting environment to explore your experience and help you be more at peace with yourself. The price for my sessions is flexible.

About Mia

I am currently doing my Master in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy and offer psychological counselling next to my studies. I believe the current times to be particularly stressful and difficult for many people and I want to use my knowledge and experience to help deal with this stress.

In our sessions, I aim at accompanying you on the journey of getting to know yourself better and being more at peace with yourself, which for me personally has been a challenging and rewarding journey. Being part of a self-organized support group, I have come to recognize the worth of sharing my experience with others. I believe that, if approached with acceptance, curiosity and love, low points in our life can become turning points toward a more meaningful way of living. In that process, it has been of immense value to me, to be around people who hold me accountable and offer me new perspectives and ways of thinking and who give me the freedom to express myself authentically.

I have personal and professional experience working with disordered eating, negative body image and low self-esteem. Throughout this work, I came to be very interested in mindfulness which helped me become more aware of the self-critical parts of myself and be more accepting and loving towards myself.
I also have experience with non-monogamous forms of relating and consider myself sex-, and kink-positive, as well as an ally to, and part of, the LGBTQIA+ community. I wish for our sessions to be an inclusive space, not restricted to a certain set of beliefs and values but open for you to explore and express yourself freely.

My Approach

My approach is humanistic, client-centred and inspired by principles of non-violent communication, mindfulness and radical honesty. I believe that you and I can create a space together in which you feel safe and curious to explore your experience. A space for you to grow and find new perspectives and ways of approaching life. A space to (re)discover your authentic self and help you live a more meaningful life.

For me, building a therapeutic relationship is a collaborative process in which two people allow themselves to be open towards each other, which challenges and benefits both people involved. This process can certainly be enriched by psychological knowledge and therapeutic training but does not depend on it entirely. In the end, we are still two humans sitting in front of this screen, sharing our human experience with each other. While I do not want to undermine the importance of psychological training, nor its value to my life and work, I believe what is most important, is how we can relate to one another.

Although not yet being able to work with insurances is a disadvantage regarding payment, it does give me the freedom of working without diagnoses and being flexible in my approach, tailoring our sessions to your individual needs regarding structure, duration, price and length.

Generally, I offer online counselling sessions (50min) in English and German. Please contact me if you would like to have a first free consultation session to see if we match and whether you would like to start working with me.

Disclaimer: I am not a trained psychotherapist yet. If you are in an acute crisis, if your or someone else’s life is in danger, I encourage you to contact someone more experienced and trained who can offer the intensive care you may need.

Qualifications And Experience


2020 - M.Sc. Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, Medical School Berlin

2020 - Yin Yoga and Emotional Balance Advanced Training

2017 - 2020 B.Sc. Psychology (cum laude), Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

2017 - Yoga Teacher Training 200hrs


2020 - Individual Eating disorder care

2019 - today Facilitator at weSHARE support groups


English, German


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