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Lisa Sperling

Couples and Sex Therapist

Why my relationship isn`t how I wish it to be? Why I have the same fights over and over again? Why am I jealous all the time? Why do I have problems to orgasm? Why I feel alone? Why I fell stuck in my relationship?


My desire for gaining a deep understanding of how satisfying sex and good relationships are working led me to the couples and sex therapist training. I have experienced, that if we are able to explore the dynamics of how we relate to one another, we have the chance to change destructive and restricting patterns.
You find me as well here: www.lisa-sperling.de

My Approach

Fights, jealousy, disconnection, sexual dysfunctions or more general an unfulfilled sexuality, unhappy relationships or staying unrelated at all: conflicts can show up in various ways.
I create a space were you will be able to find out the destructive core dynamic in your relationship. We will explore those dynamics and figure out how you will gain more motion, flow and freeing sex back in your life.

Besides I offer workshops in german (FLINT* only) and english (open for everybody) to work on sex and relationship related issues in a group. We use a method that is called constructive (re)postioning.

My Qualifications


2008 - 2017 Managing director of an Course and Familycentre
2016 holistic massage training - Weg der Mitte Berlin
2018 studying social work - Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin
2018 Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie
2018 coach training - Arche Medica Berlin
2018 - 2019 couples- and sextherapy training - Institut für Beziehungsdynamik Berlin


2002 - 2004 Working with alcohol addicts and mentally ill adults
2008 - 2017 Managing director of an course and family center
since 2010 training professionals in communicative + counseling skills
since 2018 Coach for private persons and professionals
since 2018 selforganized group of professionals: training in sex therapy
since 2019 couples and sex therapy
since 2020 workshops in constructive (re)positioning


English, German

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