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Sean Carden

Humanistic Counsellor

Skype / Phone sessions available

Working with me can help you to feel understood, become more accepting of who you are and also make meaningful changes.


As a Counsellor, I strive to be as down to earth and approachable as possible, so it is important for me to offer myself as I am and not be anything other than genuine with you.

At the heart of my private practice is the understanding that your struggle is deeply personal; it will never be the same for anyone else. It is working through these struggles that I find such a rewarding process, as during sessions I am able to witness first hand my clients finding the strength and resilience needed to work through their issues.

My Approach

During sessions I take a compassionate approach, never pushing things if I sense that you are uncomfortable or in pain. Rather, my way of working is to acknowledge your emotions at that very moment. This way of supporting you allows for wounds to be healed, and awareness to be gained.

I find it very beneficial to work with descriptions and metaphors, as these are great tools that can be used to paint a clearer picture of the experiences that you are sharing. This method works particularly well, as sometimes it can be hard to put into words the upset or frustration that is being felt; so rather than searching for words that may have escaped you, we can use a more creative approach to build a fuller understanding.

Also, Counselling isn't always about the negative, meaning its important for us to celebrate the positives! Smiles and happiness are an important part of Therapy. They allow us to explore two different ends of the spectrum, and to see what else is going on in your life ( as nothing is black and white! )

Communication is key, so we must find a way of sharing that works for you. This means taking the time to check in and talk about what is working and what we can improve on; sessions are always guided by you and your best interests.

Lastly, it is important to keep in mind that Counselling can be an emotional roller-coaster; sometimes you will feel better, at other times you may feel bruised and exhausted from it. This is all part of the process. It can be a tough journey but it is one that you have the strength to face, even if at times it all feels too much

My Qualifications


2013 - 2016 - FdA: Counselling (Humanistic) University of Greenwich, London ( British Association for Counseling and Psychotherapy accredited )

2011 - Level 3 Diploma: Counselling Theory

2010 NCFE level 1+2: Counselling - Interpersonal & Helping Skills​


2014 - 2016: Pavilions Drug and Alcohol Services. Working to support significant others ( partner, loved ones, colleagues etc ) affected by alcohol / drug dependency.
2012 - 2014: CRI Crime Reduction Initiative. Working directly with individuals struggling with alcohol / drug dependency issues.



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