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Bo Mérei

Integral Counselor & Systemic Coach

As a counselor (integral psych.) and systemic coach (ECA), my mission is to help my clients live happy, authentic lives. I offer 1to1 counseling and life coaching in Kreuzberg, in English, German and Hungarian.


The four decades of my life journey so far have been a continuous process of change and becoming. Through letting me experience big ups and downs, life has allowed me to develop and encouraged me to ask myself some fundamental questions about who I am and how I want to live. I've spent, in particular, the last decade intensively and fiercely searching and living my truth.

I believe that a lot of dissatisfaction in our lives comes from not daring to live authentically, from spending too much time delivering on others' expectations, from being afraid to own our stories and journeys. Therefore, I'm proud to be supporting people in identifying what it is that they want for themselves in life - be it in their relationships, work, wellbeing, spirituality or any other life aspect - and in the process of finding their own strengths and resources that will take them to these goals (as well as overcoming the barriers and fears blocking the way).

I have lived in 5 countries on 3 continents and have a good idea of expat life and intercultural challenges. Given my experience working in multinational companies, I am also able to help in a multitude of work-related challenges. I have been working in Berlin since 2017, helping clients in a variety of topics, most typically connected to relationship challenges, LGBTQ+, work-and academic issues as well as intercultural / expat challenges.

My Approach

I believe that there is always a way out of difficult situations and I am always here to offer hope and encouragement to my clients. Show me a person "with problems", and I will see a person full of internal resources, ready to be discovered and used as a means to solve the "problem". If one has a challenge, they also have a potential solution. My goal is to assist this process of discovering inner strengths and working towards solutions and goals. For this reason, my approach is future- and present-focused, I only work with the past as and when relevant to the topic. For this reason, in many cases, positive changes are achieved already in a few sessions - and no commitment to a long process is necessary.

My world view and theoretical framework are based on the systemic approach and the integral framework - you can read more about both on the 'Counselor in Berlin' website. I work with an integrative approach with a variety of methods and offer several formats from short (min. 2-3 sittings) to long counseling processes.

Among other methods, I work a lot with narratives - the stories we tell ourselves have a huge impact on our lives. Under the name 'Tales for Life Berlin', I also offer fairytale counseling in both individual and group format, as well as intuitive coaching and conscious storytelling sessions.

My Qualifications


Systemischer Coach (ECA - European Coach Association)
Fairytale analyst (Jungian-based fairytale therapy methodology)
Integral Psychology Counselor
M.A. Intercultural Communication


2017-today: Private practice in Berlin:
Counselor in Berlin | Tales for Life Berlin

2016: Private practice, Budapest
2004-2016: communication and management experience in Europe, Asia, Middle East


English, German, Hungarian

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