Cheyne McGill

Integrative Counsellor

As an Integrative Counsellor I work with Humanistic and Behavioural modalities creating a supportive space for individuals to discover causes and solutions, personal growth, new behaviours and a more desirable lifestyle.


I am a trained Integrative Counsellor from Sydney with over nine years of experience in mental health. My most recent position as Occupational Rehabilitation Counsellor provided more than one thousand hours of one on one counselling therapy. Personal and professional experience has shown me our lives are simultaneously a deeply personal journey and a shared experience with those around us. The resulting myriad of complexities along with the constantly changing pace of today's expectation is more than enough for someone to seek out support in difficult times.

My Approach

From an Integrative perspective, I am influenced by modalities that assist us to clearly explore your current concerns in a way that brings new insights and perspectives, in turn allowing you to focus on establishing a more desirable self-directed lifestyle. Working with Solution Focused, CBT, Existentialism, and Narrative Therapies and our sessions are supportive open spaces potentially exploring unhelpful beliefs, habitual behaviours, relationship cycles, and other mental states that may be keeping you from progress. I have experience working with impacted motivation, sustaining meaningful relationships, depression, generalised and specific anxieties, Incel-involuntary celibacy, expat, relocation and unemployment stress.

My Qualifications


2010 - 2011, Post Graduate Diploma of Counselling and Psychotherapy from The Jansen Newman Institute, Sydney Australia.

2018 - present, ACA (Australian Counselling Association), QLD Australia, level 1 membership.

Mental Health First Aid Certificate. MHFA.


2018 - 2019, Occupational Rehabilitation Counsellor at Wise Employment, Sydney Australia.

2015 - 2019, Acquired Brain Injury Support Worker at Care 1, Sydney Australia.

2012 - 2014, Mental Health Community Officer at New Horizons, Sydney Australia.




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