Gaia Porcelli

Gaia Porcelli

M.Sc. Clinical Psychology

60 € / session

60 € / Online session

Clinical and forensic psychologist (ita/eng). 18/21 Mon- Fri ONLINE

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60 € / session

Gaia Porcelli

M.Sc. Clinical Psychology in Berlin

As an English and Italian speaking psychologist, I aim to help clients to find their strengths and improve their skills. These will be the best allies to reduce distress and suffering.

Bleibtreustraße 4 10623 Berlin Bleibtreustraße 4 10623 Berlin

About Gaia

I'm a trained clinical-psychologist from Italy, who has spent most of her life abroad. Because of my passion for travel, I decided to learn how to face and help expats to deal with challenges (such as loneliness, isolation, low self-esteem, low self-efficacy, language barriers, and desperation) and, at the same time, to guide them in discovering their strengths and use those proficiently.

My Approach

Though my approach was dynamic, lately I had the opportunity to learn other techniques from different branches, such as counseling, positive psychology, constructivism theories, and gender studies. Moreover, during the past year I´ve started to learn more about Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and I´m actively using some of those techniques. For this reason, nowadays I would say that my approach is more eclectic than strictly dynamic.
My goal is to help my clients to become the best version of themselves, besides labels or diagnoses. The aim is to help everyone to perceive him/her/*self as worthy of being happy, fulfilled, and better since each one of us is unique and strongly valuable.
To reach this enormous goal, in my opinion, is exceptionally important to work not only on what causes the client's suffering but also his/her/* strengths. These will be the real allies in the journey to becoming capable and ready to deal with overcome challenges and difficulties.
Lastly, since everyone is different and some methods are better suited to some people, I adapt my approach based on the individual, the specific problems he/she/* is encountering, and his/her/* goals.

Qualifications And Experience


2015 BSc Clinical and Social Psychology (University of Padova)
2015 Erasmus - Social Psychology (Universidad Complutense, Madrid)
2017 MSc in Clinical Psychology (University of Padova, Italy)
2017 Erasmus - Gender Studies Department (Alpen Adria Universitaet, Austria)
2018 Post MSc in Neuropsychology and forensic Psychopathology (University of Padova, Italy).

From 2017 training and practice in private and public structures in Italy and Austria as a clinical and forensic psychologist.


2021- today Psychologist at Rise Above your Disorder, online
2020 -today School counsellor and educator at Berlin Metropolitan School
2019 - today private practice in Berlin
2018 forensic Psychologist at Studio Legale Associato Forza (Venice, Italy)
2018 Clinical psychologist in Penitentiary center, ICAM (Venice, Italy)
2017-2018 Clinical psychologist at Ferrara Hospital and Drug-addiction day center.
2017 Trainee at Gender studies center of Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Austria
2016-2017 Trainee at Studio Scientifico Gilli e Blascovich (Venice, Italy)
2013-2014 Trainee at Associazione Italiana Persone Down (Venice, Italy)
2012 Trainee at Fundación Catalana Personas con Parálisis cerebral ( Barcelona, Spain)


English, Italian, Spanish


Private Pay