Madeleine Herzog

Madeleine Herzog

Couples and Sex Therapist

60 € / session

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60 € / session

Madeleine Herzog

Couples and Sex Therapist in Berlin

As a Couples and Sex Therapist my work is to create a space for couples and singles to navigate through the constant change and flows of relationships and sexual connections.

Braunschweiger Straße 22 12055 Berlin Braunschweiger Straße 22 12055 Berlin

About Madeleine

I am a trained Relationship and Sex Therapist and have a masters in Anthropology with a focus on Medical Anthropology and Sociology. Before moving to Berlin I have lived in Amsterdam and Switzerland.
I have always been fascinated by the way people live, love, have sex, connect with each other and experience their relationships- first in my anthropological training where I focused on relationships, sex, love and bonding and then in my training as a relationship-dynamic sex therapist.

My Approach

The combination of my anthropological background and my therapeutical training allows me to shed light on the unseen, create a better understanding of ourselves and therefore create a space to break up repeated patterns. I focus on how beliefs that we were brought up with and our identity shapes our ideals, shadows and the way we relate to others. My therapeutic approach is a combination of talking therapy, systemic therapy tools and body therapy.

Qualifications And Experience


2012 Cultural Anthropology, Sociology (Bachelor of Arts), Gutenberg Universiät Mainz, Germany

2015 Cultural and Social Anthropology (Master of Science), Universiteit van Amsterdam, Netherlands

2017, Relationship-dynamic Sex Therapist, Institut für beziehungsdynamische Sexualtherapie, Berlin, Germany


since 2017 Relationship and Sex therapist with own practice in Berlin, Germany

2015- 2017 Research Assistant Medical Anthropology; Universiteit van Amsterdam & Universität Lübeck


English, German


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