Marc Rainer Backs

Marc Rainer Backs

Naturopath for body oriented psychotherapy, hypnosis and holistic integration

50 € / Online Session

With regard to the circumstances I offer flexible online meetings or secure face-to-face meetings to support you best. In German or English.

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The therapists timezone is Europe/Berlin

60 € / session

Marc Rainer Backs

Naturopath for body oriented psychotherapy, hypnosis and holistic integration in Berlin

I assist people to break through restrictive behavior patterns, to develop their body-mind-intelligence and to take their spiritual existence seriously. My approach is client centered and solution focused.

Am Tempelhofer Berg 7 10965 Berlin Am Tempelhofer Berg 7 10965 Berlin

About Marc Rainer

I am Body-Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and Holistic Personal Transformation Coach. My mission is to help my clients to feel comfortable and complete in their body, peaceful and present in their mind, and clear and free in their spirit. To see personal growth, fulfilling relations and partnerships with commitment is a big gift.

Berlin-Friedrichshain was wild and pure when I grew up there. Playgrounds were just for relaxation and all the abandoned places have been our home. I studied Educational Science and Psychology at the Freie Universität Berlin and worked in a German Foundation for the Government to open public schools for alternative perspectives.
In Tibetan Buddhism I learned to meditate and be more human and in a complementary and alternative medicine school the art of healing.
Many years I also wanted to publish and to be a speaker. Therefore, I made my diploma at a private academy in journalism and speaking. I started trainings in speaking and group facilitation for deep togetherness.

Since I can remember I was interested how people creating their reality and how the psyche works aligned with the body. I created a program for leaving your behavior patterns behind and started to learn psychotherapy. Hypnosis and Bodywork came into my life. I'm working with the body as a key to emotions and way for a better understanding of the self.

My Approach

I am firmly convinced that we can rely on our strengths and abilities in every situation in life. And that with these impressive resources we can realize our dreams, wishes, goals and visions.

My clients are courageous people who want more from life. Even under the most difficult conditions.

They are balancing their emotional world through exploration into their body to feel more connected. With Body-Psychotherapy they evolve their way of moving with intelligent mind.
Hypnotherapy gets them in touch with their own intuition and rewrites the traumatic experiences from the past that still influence their beliefs & behaviors. They re-frame their reactions, releasing pain from events, breakups or individual traumatic Experience.
In the Solution-Focused Therapy they are finding all the resources to go their way. They explore their inner metaphors to change the perception of themselves.

I call my approach Holistic Personal Transformation. An ongoing physical, emotional and spiritual support with goal-setting, empowering and real accountability.

When I work with clients individually, I offer unique strategies to help target goals, build motivation, and give tools for integration after the session.

Qualifications And Experience


2019-20 Body-Mind-Therapie Certification, Somalogy
2018-19 Master Hypnotherapist Certification, Alfred Himmelweiss
2018-19 Coach & Systemic Consultant Certification, Innerwise
2018 NLP-Practioner & Carismatic Coaching Certification, Kikidan
2018 Naturopath for Psychotherapy Certification, Institute Christoph Mahr
2018 Talents Compass Coach, RÖWE Institut
2015-17 Journalism and Speaker Diploma, Deutsche POP Akademie
2012-14 Group Facilitator Certification (Open Space, Dragon Dreaming, Art of Hosting), BOSCOP, Genuine Contact, Truth Circles
2012-14 Individual Health and Balance Coach Certification, Genuine Contact
2009-12 Complementary and Alternative medicine school (Akademie für Heilpraktiker)


since 2019 Body Mind Therapist
since 2018 Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist (HPG)
since 2017 Systemic Consultant
2016-2017 lecturer for healthy habits
since 2014 Holistic Personal Transformation Coach
since 2014 Group and Circle Facilitator
since 2013 Men's work in Groups and Circles


English, German


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