Nataliya Sidorenko

Nataliya Sidorenko

Psychoanalytically oriented psychologist

70 € / session

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70 € / session

Nataliya Sidorenko

Psychoanalytically oriented psychologist in Berlin

I am psychoanalytically oriented psychologist from Russia. I work with adult clients speaking Russian & English. I wish helping you to understand the roots of your suffering and supporting your movement to better life.

Mittelweg 50 12053 Berlin Mittelweg 50 12053 Berlin

About Nataliya

I`v got different life experiences before I became a psychologist. But from my childhood I was greatly interested in human subjectivity and culture and mentality of other nations. I travel much. I find Berlin is the place where I can combine my personal life and professional interests.

My Approach

I believe that human suffering signaling the need of understanding Psyche desires, motives and inhibitions. We are able to learn how to care about ourselves with the help of psychologist. Traumatic experiences, losses and inhibitions can be shared, understood and lived through. I would like to provide you new opportunities for more satisfying life.

Qualifications And Experience


2018 - to date - International Psychoanalytical University (Berlin) MA Clinical
Psychology English track
2010 - East European Psychoanalytical Institute (St Petersburg), MA Psychology, specialty - psychology, teacher of psychology, specialization - clinical psychology and psychoanalysis
1989 - Ural State University (Yekaterinburg), MBA Economics, Diploma with honors, specialty- political economy, qualification - teacher of political economy, economist


2020 - internship at the trauma clinic in Cape Town
2018 - to date - private psychological practice in Berlin and on Skype
2010 - 2018 - private psychological practice in Russia, teaching activity
2007 - 2010 - business experience
1993 - 2006 - work for Energy system of the Urals
1989 - 1992 - research work at the Russian Academy of sciences


English, Russian


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