Anne Zirkler

Anne Zirkler

Psychodynamic therapist

90 € / session

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The therapists timezone is Europe/Berlin

90 € / session

Anne Zirkler

Psychodynamic therapist in Berlin

My main objective in psychotherapy is to support individuals in reconnecting with their authentic Selves – i.e. to listen to themselves, get to love themselves, express who they are at their core, and regain intimacy.

Wilmersdorfer Straße 102-103 10629 Berlin Wilmersdorfer Straße 102-103 10629 Berlin

About Anne

I grew up in Germany, having always had an innate curiosity and fascination about humans – the ways in which we differ from each other and express uniqueness, how we are shaped by our upbringing and culture and what we share in terms of the existential experience that life is at its core. I’ve always felt drawn to diverse cultural backgrounds which made me learn more about the human endeavor. Before starting my clinical career, I’ve been volunteering in a support organization for international seafarers in Finland for a year. I like going on extensive travels. My ongoing inner journeys are at least equally important to me – the quest into my own psyche and my existential / spiritual quest that has brought me to conceive life in a more humble and yet more direct way.
The paths I’m taking in my life found an important resource from which I can give to other people, hoping to help them make use of their crisis and transitions as a path to greater self-awareness, consciousness, freedom of choice and responsibility. I believe that the future state of the world as a whole will largely depend on the mental/emotional states of individuals and their personal engagements on the path towards consciousness.
I went through an extensive 11 years long training period to at first become a psychologist (Master of Science) and later a psychotherapist with German state license (“Approbation”). I’ve been working with clients from different backgrounds in a variety of settings for more than 6 years. My private practice is located in Berlin Charlottenburg (, I offer short term counseling and psychotherapy in German and English, first session for 60€ and any further sessions for 90€. In case you’re in financial hardship but interested in sessions, please contact me for a possible agreement on lower pay.

My Approach

The basic principles of my work are for it to be integrative, holistic, creative, culture sensitive and oriented towards the potential in human beings. I’m happy to support you on a broad variety of clinical and non-clinical issues including existential / spiritual crisis.
My approach integrates psychodynamic psychotherapy, humanistic psychotherapy and body psychotherapy. I flexibly adapt to the needs of the individual and provide a space in which people can learn how to rise into direct experience. My work is centered around the human encounter within a trustful and compassionate relationship. I’ve experienced how this relationship can be a catalyst for profound change to anyone, both as a resource as well as a matter of becoming more conscious of our relationship patterns or suppressed needs and fears. I have considerable experience in working with issues of attachment and trauma and am happy to work with you through possibly very strenuous parts of your journey.
My personal style in psychotherapy is intuitive and perceptive – opening up towards our present sensations usually contains any possible further step.

Qualifications And Experience


2018 approbation (license) as Psychological Psychotherapist in psychodynamic psychotherapy with additional focus on humanistic psychotherapy and body psychotherapy

2016 „Heilpraktikerin“ (alternative practitioner) in psychotherapy

2013 Master of Science Psychology

2010 Bachelor of Science Psychology


2019 - today private practice in Berlin

2015 practice in Berlin (state insurance system)

2014 Psychotherapist at PP.rt Reutlingen (clinic for psychiatry, psychosomatics and psychotherapy)

2013 Psychotherapist at Heiligenfeld, Bad Kissingen (clinic for psychosomatic rehabilitation)


English, German


Private Pay, Private Insurance