Cas Hebbink

Cas Hebbink

Psychological Counsellor

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60 € / session

Cas Hebbink

Psychological Counsellor in Berlin

As a counsellor, I attempt to create a growth-facilitating environment in which you can openly explore your experience to develop self-understanding and acceptance and take responsibility for your life. Free 1st session.

Prenzlauer Promenade 23 13086 Berlin Prenzlauer Promenade 23 13086 Berlin

About Cas

I'm a self-employed psychological counsellor from Amsterdam, living in Berlin. During my life, I have struggled with dysfunctional behavioural patterns, such as excessive gaming, drug use, watching pornography, and procrastination. Consequently, I have long been interested in figuring out how to change these destructive tendencies and develop healthy, constructive habits instead. Over the years, I've beaten myself up over my self-proclaimed "failures" repeatedly, shamed, blamed and resented myself for not being able to overcome my demons. More recently, however, I've come to realize that my issues were not with my behaviours themselves but rather with my appraisal of them and my resulting self-condemnation. Thus, through mindfulness practise, self-inquiry, personal psychotherapy, peer-support group meetings and much self-study, I've learned that behavioural change follows from self-acceptance, compassion and understanding rather than self-condemnation, flagellation and coercion.

Through the struggles I've had with trying to control and improve myself, I've learned a lot about the human psyche, behavioural change, emotional regulation, mindfulness, honest communication, problem-solving and the importance of taking responsibility for one's life and accepting where and what one is. During my psychology studies, I've gained most from setting up and participating in a peer-support group in which we openly explored our experiences. I learned to cultivate attitudes of unconditional positive regard, genuineness and empathic understanding towards myself and others. I learned how to receive others more wholly and help them come closer to themselves by immersing myself in their experience as best as I could.

I want to share what I've learned with others who, like me, need some support in their life. Through my counselling service, I wish to help you help yourself by providing you with a loving, caring environment to facilitate your personal growth.

My Approach

I attempt to create an empathic, accepting and understanding climate to openly explore your experience, develop greater self-understanding, learn to accept yourself, find solutions to your problems and find meaning in your challenges.

I believe that my primary role as a counsellor is to help people help themselves by providing them with a facilitative environment in which they can tap into their potential for growth. I aim to cultivate people's ability to live authentically, establish meaningful relationships and pursue their life goals. Therefore, I believe I can help a great variety of people with a wide range of struggles, challenges and dreams.

My services might be especially helpful for those who consider seeking help but find the threshold to approach a psychotherapist too high, for example, due to financial barriers, stigmatization, excessive waiting times or bad experiences with diagnoses. I offer a free first session to get to know each other and find out how well we fit together. I offer 60 or 90-minute sessions either online or in-person, depending on preference.

For a first-hand account from one of my clients, listen to this podcast episode in which we reflect on his counselling trajectory with me:

Qualifications And Experience


2020 BSc Psychology Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


2020-today independent Online Psychological Counsellor in Berlin
2019-today Founder and facilitator at weSHARE support groups


Dutch, English


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