Gergo Stich

Gergo Stich

Psychological Counsellor

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50 € / session

Gergo Stich

Psychological Counsellor in Berlin

As a trained psychological counsellor, I am enthusiastic to join you on your side in this. We will explore and understand your topics in a safe and accepting space that we create together. Free first session.

About Gergo

I'm an English-speaking psychologist and counsellor, trained in the Netherlands.

Starting as a business consultant fascinated by people, I moved towards psychology, researching, and focusing on the therapeutic relationship. Engaged with the topic of self-awareness for the past 10 years, I concluded hundreds of hours of helping conversations with people from different nationalities and backgrounds. In 2017, I started studying to become a Psychotherapist in the Netherlands, and joined cutting-edge science with humanistic psychology’s personalized approach to bring people closer to themselves.

I also co-founded an Amsterdam-based support group in 2017, helping members find their own directions, solutions, tackle their problems, and create a better life. I transferred this approach to individual counselling, so I can give more attention and can work more closely with clients.

Exploration, curiosity and my interest in people also affect my personal relationships, my work, and my everyday life. I lived and worked on 3 continents and 5 countries in the past years, where I got to know a large variety of cultures, mindsets, perspectives, and approaches that I could all incorporate into my work. I made connections with incredibly diverse people and learned a lot from them personally.

My main driving force as a professional is not only gathering valid, reliable knowledge and gaining wider perspectives on mental health, but also this vast interest and curiosity in people. I find it utterly engaging that people share such complex, ambiguous, and diverse experiences and that everyone has their own reality to explore. Focusing on these experiences combined with my strong practical and problem-solving approach not only helps the clients figuring out what is true for them – but also enriches my experience, my knowledge, and my perspectives on people – which is what makes these conversations so intriguing for me.

I currently only work online.

My Approach

My personal approach combines scientific research in psychology with a safe, transparent, and honest therapeutic relationship we create together. I’m not using a specific set of questions or techniques: my approach is based on the connection that we create, and your experiences that we discuss together. Using your stories, I can give you accurate reflections and come up with the questions that would guide us forward. Every meeting we have is different and depends mostly on what is important to you at that moment.

The goal is to get to know yourself better and trust yourself as a guide to have a happier, more balanced and more fulfilling life. You will discover what steps you can make towards this goal, gain clarity over what you need, and acquire skills that will make you more prepared and confident. We will find out what your personal truth is, and what you can do to set yourself on the right path.

The first session is always free. In order to ensure a successful cooperation, I’d like to offer us a trial session where we can see if we can create a trusting relationship, a safe space to express yourself, and a chance for you to see if I am the one you are looking for. This session holds no responsibilities or commitments.

Qualifications And Experience


2017 BSc in Psychology, Vrije University, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2020 MSc in Health and Medical Psychology, Leiden, Netherlands


2017 - today: co-founder of the Amsterdam-based support group: weSHARE
2019 - today: managing my micro-blog on Psychology: @GergoListens
2019 - today: individual counsellor, online and in-person
2019 - today: facilitating online workshops about creating a therapeutic space, and handling interpersonal connections
2020 - 2021: eCoach of uni students in the Caring Universities Project, Netherlands
2020 - 2021: mentoring high school students in career orientation
2021 - Volunteer Psychologist at South-Pest Central Hospital, Budapest


English, Hungarian


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