Marius Presterud

Marius Presterud

Psychological Counselor, Norwegian-Licensed Psychologist

80 € / session

180 € / Group therapy session, 120 mins weekly, shared time, price is per month

100 € / Therapist supervision, 45 mins

150 € / Personality type testing, 60 mins (Myer-Briggs typology test, non-pathology oriented)

Hi there, I am a bilingual psychologist who offers individual- and group-therapy to Berlin expatriates and other ‘where-evers’.

Offers Online Sessions

1 year, 3 months at It's Complicated
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The therapists timezone is Europe/Berlin

80 € / session

Marius Presterud

Psychological Counselor, Norwegian-Licensed Psychologist in Berlin

I am a Scandinavian Psychologist who offers individual- and group therapy.

I meet clients in person at my office in Neukölln and arrange groups at Gesundbrunnen.

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Hobrechtstraße   Berlin Hobrechtstraße   Berlin

About Marius

Hi there,
I am a Clinical Psychologist working between Norway and Germany.

I received my Norwegian license in 2008 and went on to hold positions in both the public and private health sector, working in such diverse levels of the health care system as day clinics, acute care, group therapy units, private institutions, privately run psychologist offices, as well as a test administrator for private contractors.

I've worked short- and long-term, diagnostically and therapeutically, with both individuals, families and groups. When patients problems were multifaceted and complex and required collaborative efforts, I've organized and led meetings with family doctors and other health personnel, so we could launch viable strategies into the world.

Taken together, this gives me a strong foundation for starting to help my patients with wide variety of common ails and troubles - be it anxiety, depression, lifestyle problems and relational difficulties - as well as the tricky, everyday topics of our time - having a sense of purpose, feelings of belonging, and being of use to society and others.

In Berlin I run the platform Berlin Art Therapy (abbr. BAT), offering Group-analytic Art Therapy to the English speaking expatriate community. For more information, visit

Other topics I've taken a special interest in, include Mental Health and Climate Change (Ecoanxiety and Ecopsychology), Economic Inheritance and Identity, Hegemonic Masculinity, Artist's health, Curative Art, and Critical Psychology.

My Approach

I've been lucky enough to have had an integrative education as well as an eclectic work life. This lets me draw on techniques and methods from all the major psychological approaches, pragmatically and in accordance with the ails and troubles of my patients.

In your initial meetings with me, you can therefore expect our conversations to focus on formulating your therapeutic goals in such a way that we can work with them together. This also include deciding upon the best way to work with them, be it one-on-one sessions, group-therapy or a combination of both.

When -and only when- we agree upon a viable strategy that you are willing to commit to over time, our formal journey together begins. Goals can also be added or subtracted along the way, of course, as new understandings and symptoms appear or dissapear. Since illness and difficult life conditions can appear separately, as well as at the same time, it will also be our job to separate the two, and what to give focus to attain change. 

In our sessions I will offer council, motivation, new ways of looking at things, as well as challenge you along the way, so you will reach the goals for your therapy.

The quality of my services are secured through memberships in both the German and Norwegian psychologist's association, as well as external counseling from specialists and collegial colloquial groups at the Institute of Group Analysis, Oslo. My practice is insured through Psycura (Gothaer).

Qualifications And Experience



* Diploma in Clinical Psychology from the University of Oslo (Candidatus Psychologae/Diploma Psychologe) (2008) * Foundation level specialization in adult psychopathology (2010) * Pre-Core Courses in Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (2014) * Level A, Oslo Institute of Group Analysis (ongoing)

* Post-graduate workshops and seminars on art-therapy, artist health, performance art psychology, therapeutic tools in organizational development, leadership tools to foster dialogue, conflict management in the workplace, psychopedagogic group therapy, acceptance & commitment therapy, mentalization and metacognition, complicated grief, self-mutilation, eating disorders, and sexual abuse (males).


* Europsy certified psychologist * Authorized Norwegian psychologist * Certified Myer-Briggs Typology Test Leader


* The German Psychologists Association (BDP) * The Norwegian Psychologist's association (NPF) * Norwegian Group-psychotherapist's Association (NGPF) * European Federation of Psychologists' Associations (EFPA) * Association of Norwegian Sculptors (NBK) * Norwegian Sculptor Society (NBF), Oslo and Akershus Artist Association (BOA) * Young Artists' Society (UKS) * Oslo Art Society (OK) * Performance Art Oslo (PAO)

* Bilingual, Norwegian and English



(2020-ongoing) Psychologist. Individual-, group- and art therapy, Berlin
(2013-ongoing) Visual artist, curator and coordinator, Oslo-Berlin
(2012-2015) Psychological Psychotherapist. Private practitioner, Help Link Psychologist Center, Oslo. 
(2012) Test leader. Pearson Assesment, Oslo
(2009-2010) Psychological Psychotherapist. Individual-, group- and art therapy. Aker University Hospital, Jessheim
(2008) Psychological Psychotherapist. Individual therapy. Lovisenberg Diaconal Hospital, Oslo
(2007) Psychological Psychotherapist in training. Vindern Psychiatric Day Clinic, Oslo
(2005-2006) Psychological Psychotherapist in training. The Alternative To Violence foundation (ATV), Oslo
(2005-2006) Psychological Psychotherapist in training and Test Leader in training. Sunnås Rehabilitation Hospital, Oslo


English, Norwegian


Private Pay