Beate Nink

Beate Nink

Psychologist, HP Psychotherapy, Gestalttherapist, Supervisor

90 € / session

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90 € / session

Beate Nink

Psychologist, HP Psychotherapy, Gestalttherapist, Supervisor in Berlin

As a Gestalttherapist with 20 years of experience I support people of all nations and sexual preferences to deal better with challenges in life.
In situations of crisis I help people to get back on their feet.

Eldenaer Straße  10247 Berlin Eldenaer Straße  10247 Berlin

About Beate

Born in Berlin I lived for some time in Italy and the USA.
After my studies I worked in an organization supporting women in situations of domestic violence. I work in private practice for over 20 years now and still love my profession.

My Approach

I deeply believe in people’s power to change. My approach to therapy is empathic, structuring and openminded. I work with feedback, symbolic items, bodyawareness and trying out new things at home.

Qualifications And Experience


1993 Diplom in Psychology
1998 Abschluss in Gestalttherapie
2001 Abschluss Supervision and Coaching
2017 Fortbildung Organisationsberatung


1993-2001 Counseling in various setting
2001-now Therapy, Supervision and Coaching in private Practice


English, German


Private Pay