Yosef Starkin

Relational body psychotherapist

It's about magic. Experiencing our complexity, while swimming with the head above the water.


I was born in Moscow, USSR, in a family of human rights activists. From my early age , i believed in human potential, that can prevail even in the darkest places . For many years i searched for my place in the world .In my youth i live in Israel and studied Judaism, Journalism in London and philosophy in Jerusalem .
Traveled and experienced various ways to work and heal the body and soul .
I believe in changes .In our inner hunger for change, self development and healing .

My Approach

My work is an integration of three main psychotherapeutic modalities: relational psychotherapy, body psychotherapy and trancework. From body psychotherapy I have learned to respect the body, to honour the pleasure and pulsation of our being and to trust my body as a compass in my work.
We might work with breath, movement, attention to the body and also, when appropriate, with touch.
From hypnosis, NLP and shamanic work I learned to work with altered states of consciousness and to enjoy the fruitful and generative potential of trance.
From relational psychoanalysis I learned to respect unconscious process, to dance between the asymmetrical and mutual aspects of therapy, to surrender to the relationship and to trust in the process.

My Qualifications


2017-2019 Post-graduate training in relational body psychotherapy. Open Center
London, Human potential movement (UK).

2014-2016 Courses in contemporary hypnotic skills for psychotherapists (GR).

2014-2015 Master in Psychology (Honours) Ruppin Academic Center (IL).

2010-2015. body oriented psychotherapy. Reidman College (IL).

2007-2009 Bachelor in Psychology (Honours) The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (IL).


Body psychotherapist in mental health hospital Be'er Yaakov (IL).
Body psychotherapist in a hostel for autistic people in Jerusalem (IL).
Private clinic in Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv (IL).
Private clinic in Berlin (DE).


English, Hebrew, Russian


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