Sophie Merrison

Sophie Merrison

Dance Movement Psychotherapist/Body therapist

50 € / session

Active since 6 months

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50 € / session

Sophie Merrison

Dance Movement Psychotherapist/Body therapist in Berlin

I am a dance movement therapist and offer a space for exploring yourself on a more body-focused level.

Selerweg 34 12169 Berlin Selerweg 34 12169 Berlin

About Sophie

I have a Masters in Dance movement psychotherapy with experience working as a dance therapist in both group and individual settings in psychiatric clinics and in my private practice. I have been researching the relationship between the body and the mind for many years through body-based workshops, somatic practices and healing retreats worldwide. I see the body as a transformative tool and am convinced of the importance of looking at both the body and mind equally. I am also a dancer and performer and have therefore also developed techniques that are applicable to artists, actors and creatives.

My Approach

My holistic approach is creative and resource-focused. I accompany you in your process of self-discovery through the body, offering prompts to help you listen to your body and yourself. This combination of verbal and body-based techniques allows you to identify and understand behavioural patterns and unconscious beliefs, offering you the space to explore and experiment in a safe, non-judgemental setting, allowing you to feel more at home in your body and in yourself. I offer individual sessions, group sessions and Online sessions. I am currently also offering Online Guided Movement Meditations for relaxation.

Qualifications And Experience


2019 MA Dance Movement Psychotherapy, SRH University Heidelberg, Germany
2016 MA Performing Arts and Visual Arts, Universidad Castilla La Mancha, Spain
2014 BA English Literature and Film Studies, Kings College London, UK and Berkeley University, USA


2019 - today
Dance Movement Therapist with private practice in Berlin, including international workshops and retreats
2019 - today
Group Dance therapy work with female refugees at refugee centres in collaboration with several Berlin based charities including Diakonie and AWO
work with dance therapy and trauma NGO 'Kolkota Sanved' in Kolkota, India
Moving Cycle I - 5-day Dance therapy training course with Christine Caldwell
internship with children, adolescents and adults in psychiatric department of Potsdam hospital
Work as dance therapist with cancer patients and patients with chronic pain at Kraichgau Klinik, Germany


English, French, German, Spanish